Uber-expensive Ferrari Enzo gets down and dirty on YouTube

Tax The Rich, a group of YouTubers who seem to have sprung out from the dirty farming corner of Anonymous, have used a Ferrari Enzo for rallying purposes across a farm in this, its latest posting.

A dirty Enzo? Rallying through mud and dirt on a farm road? Sounds like heaven… Although the traditional stuck-up owners of these cars would probably relate that an Enzo was not made for that, the question this group is asking, is why not? Just like Jay Kay, Jamiroquai front man, speed freak and collector of exotic cars, the group seem to say that these cars are made for driving. And where you do that is your choice, but please don’t let these incredible marvels of automotive design sit in a garage for display purposes only. All it takes is a quick wash.

The group uses rare and expensive cars for the videos, and initially started off with short clips of Ferrari’s doing burnouts on the same dirt road as in the latest clip. But ever since it used an uber expensive Rolls Royce Phantom to go rallying across a wet and dirty field, garnering more than three million views on YouTube and probably inducing crap-in-the-pants cringes from Phantom owners, the group seem to be hitting the right nerve among YouTubers. Who they are, and where they get the cars from, is not known yet. But frankly, we don’t care! As long as we can see super-cars being driven with abandon to satisfy our petrol heads. Watch the Phantom video below and smile.



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