This bonkers hovercraft can also become a boat when it needs to


Watch the video below and tell us you don’t want to have a go in the bonkers Canadian hovercraft that stars in it. Go on, we dare you.

Despite being hamstrung with a completely and utterly dire name, the ATASD (Amphibious Trimaran with Aerostatic Discharge) looks like just about the most fun you can have on no wheels.

That’s not just down to us imagining all the childishly wild turns we could pull om the ATASD either. This thing is genuinely fast: it can do 90km/h over water or 120km/h over snow and ice.

According to its makers, the ATASD is meant to incorporate the best features of several different types of vehicle:

  • the speed, agility and structure of an airboat
  • the “go anywhere” capability of the hovercraft
  • the stability and weight bearing capacity of a pontoon inflatable boat

They see the vehicle being used for everything from mining and exploration to fishing and pleasure boating. From our vantage point, we hope they mean constantly pushing it to the max over a variety of terrains when it comes to the last of those activities, because that’s definitely what we’d use it for.

That said, the ATASD doesn’t come cheap. According to Wired, a base model will set you back around US$59 000, ramping up to around US$68 000 for a fully kitted model.



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