Sick of car washes? Nissan introduces the ‘world’s first self-cleaning’ car

There are few more troublesome things in this world than keeping a car clean. Engineers over at Nissan’s European technical centre in Switzerland agree and have developed the world’s first dirt-repellent paint. They then sprayed the miracle paint onto their humble city hatchback.

Introducing the world’s first “self-cleaning” car, the Nissan Note.

The “super-hydrophobic” and mud-repellent paint, trademarked as “Ultra-Ever Dry,” makes use of nanotechnology to actively remove grime, water, mud and frost before it grips onto the vehicle’s surface. Nissan claims that the coating forms a “protective layer of air between the paint and environment” keeping the vehicle dirt free.

This technology has obvious perks. For off-road vehicles, it would entice drivers to take the dirty scenic route laden with mud, without the headache of washing the vehicle afterward. It would also usher in a world where white cars needn’t be constantly filthy and unsightly, as demonstrated by the Note itself.

Self Cleaning Nissan Note

But don’t throw away those buckets and sponges just yet.

Nissan will not be applying the coating to their production cars as standard anytime soon. The world’s most hygiene-conscious Note is currently undergoing a multitude of tests to gauge the effectiveness of the coating. Eventually, Nissan hopes to make the coating available as an aftermarket option. If the images are anything to go buy, expect this to be a very popular optional extra on Nissan models, and perhaps other cars, in the future.

Andy Walker, former editor


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