The 2000bhp Trion Nemesis is completely bonkers, wants to be US’ hypercar challenger

What kind of car would you build if you were a small company operating out of California? A high-tech track day car for the edgier sections of the Silicon Valley set? A small electric runabout for the less adventurous sections of the Silicon Valley set (assuming you don’t want to build a Tesla clone)? Well, if your company’s name is Trion Supercars, the answer is a completely mental 2 000bhp hypercar.

“Our mission is to deliver the world’s first super car designed specifically to provide an unparalleled driving experience,” the company says on its official site. “Our vehicles are designed to be driven, not just admired”.

The car, which is called the Nemesis is meant to take on, and beat, the best Europe has to offer. When the Nemesis is ready, it will be aimed very firmly at the top end of the market and will come with a twin turbo V8 and an eight speed sequential gearbox. When its wheels finally hit the road, Trion estimates that the Nemesis will be able to hit 100km/h in under three seconds and will have a top speed of around the 430km/h mark.

Until that actually happens though, it’s all speculation and some spectacular-looking renderings. According to Autoblog, Trion is hoping to a have a prototype running later this year.



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