Self-braking Hyundai Genesis slows down before speeding cameras

hyundai genesis

Breaking the cusp of technology is always an exciting prospect in the motoring world, but for drivers, breaking the speed limit comes with all sorts of repercussions and consequences. But if Hyundai has anything to say about it, speeding tickets may soon be motoring legend.

The Genesis sedan features an adaptive cruise control system, dubbed “Automatic Emergency Braking”, that senses speed cameras and reacts in kind, braking the car if above the speed limit. Using a combination of GPS plot points and readings mated to the system, the car will “beep 800 metres before a camera,” notes Hyundai spokesperson Guido Schenken, “and show the legal speed, and it will beep at you if your speed is over that.” Of course, if the user still doesn’t adhere to the warnings, the car steps in.

This technology also works if it senses an impending collision, but it is perhaps the first system to respond to speed cameras as well.

One may wonder why the car can’t constantly remain below the speed limit. If this were the case, Hyundai probably wouldn’t sell a single model. Additionally, such technology needs to be ubiquitous, creating a mesh of self-responsive cars, in order for the system to function successfully. Perhaps this is Google’s dream, but it doesn’t seem to be Hyundai’s.

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The Genesis is also fairly safe, and was awarded the coveted IIHS’s Top Safety Pick+ award, featuring Sensory Surround Safety (anti-collision system), Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist with haptic steering wheel feedback should the driver drift beyond the white lines, among others.

The car will go on sale in Australia and South Korea from October 2014 and should undercut it’s German and Japanese rivals by quite some margin.

Andy Walker, former editor


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