Team Sky shows us where you put the bicycles on your Jag F Type coupe

Team Sky F-Type Coupe R

“Where do I put my bicycles?”

Not really a question you’d hear from a prospective Jag F-Type owner who also has a penchant for the two-wheeled, self propelled type pastime which is all the rage nowadays (you’d assume they had a second, slightly more practical vehicle for such things).

It’s a question that has nonetheless been solved by Jaguar who also happen to be the long time team partner of Team Sky, who also happens to be competing in the Tour de France, which is on right now…hmm convenient.

The unique F-TYPE concept car is based on the F-TYPE R Coupé feautringa unique bike rack which can carry two of the team’s Pinarello Bolide TT racing bikes and an ancillary battery pack for powering the in-car radios, amps, microphones, horns and television.

The concept will be supplied to the team on stage 20, as a back-up vehicle while the riders tackle a 54km race against the clock between Bergerac and Périgueux.

The car, well, that develops 405kW and 680Nm of torque capable of smashing the 0-100km/hour sprint in four seconds flat. Should be more than adequate to keep up with the peloton then.



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