This Pagani Zonda Tricolore purrs, pounces like an excited kitten [video]


Let’s enjoy petrol cars while they’re with us.

The Pagani Zonda has had a famed decade-long life filled with super speed runs and wacky aesthetics, but it’s time as the alternative Italian supercar king is slowly coming to an end. The Tricolore, however, was the marque’s last hoorah for this legendary name and is still setting speedtraps and racer’s heart’s alight.

Built back in 2010 to honour the Italian National Aerobatics Team, and armed with a 670 horsepower Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, the Tricolore accelerates to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and on to 200km/h in a further 5.2. But all these statistics jotted on paper are seemingly meaningless without the accompanying theatre.

One lucky YouTuber, dubbed Marchettino, got to experience this first hand, when he drove one of the last manufactured Zondas (there were only three ever built, and one can be had for US$1.96-million) and thankfully recorded it for the entire internet to enjoy. It’s not often one sees this car on the road let alone in motion, but here it is in all its thunderous glory.

Although the driver’s foot isn’t exactly hard pressed to the floor, the Tricolore remains one of the best sounding Italian cars ever built. Sadly, as soulful petrol engined-marvels make way for electric machines, we may never hear noises, or see technology like this again in the future.

Andy Walker, former editor


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