A Ferrari-engined Alfa Romeo 4C may be coming, thanks to Lazzarini Design

I have a deep affinity for Alfa Romeos. It’s the car brand that really seems to remain true to its design routes, even when the world around it is changing rapidly.

What’s even more likeable is that its never afraid to have a go at making a truly special car. The 4C was great but it needed more power.

Well, thank the car gods, someone has answered our prayers.

Enter Lazzarini Design‘s Ferrari-engined artwork. For the moment, it’s all just a pipe dream, but this should definitely happen.

The Italian freelance design studio isn’t a stranger to designing insane concepts, but the “Definitiva” will probably be its finest work.

With a twin-turbo 4.3-litre Ferrari V8 packed into the bay, the car will launch from 0-100km/h in a claimed 2.5 seconds — that’s Formula 1 levels of acceleration. Additionally, a quarter mile time of 9.5 seconds is quoted, thanks mainly to the low 955kg kerb weight.

Alfa Romeo 4C Definitiva Lazzarini Design 2

Lazzarini plans to substitute the body panels with carbon fibre examples, but promises to keep the car as sexy as it is.

So, how much I hear you ask. Well chances are those who can afford Bugatti Veyrons and Gulf Stream jets are the only ones who can afford to buy this thing. At US$307 000 a pop, you’ll need a fair number of pennies to drive away in this gorgeous vehicle.

Will it ever be put into production? That’s another matter entirely.

Images via Lazzarini Design

Andy Walker, former editor


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