Watch Ken Block light up downtown LA in his Gymkhana Seven Mustang [Video]

You get showmen, and then you get Ken Block, one of the founders of DC Shoes and infamous for being one of the most daredevil drivers in the universe.

And his new video — “Gymkhana Seven: “Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles” — shows everyone just how insane this man is behind a steering wheel. Block pulls off some impossible stunts and it’s clear that the video is not manipulated.

His weapon of choice is the custom built all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang, packing well over 800 horsepower.

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The video begins with Ken Block’s all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang pulling one of the most theatrical four-wheeled burnouts ever filmed. He does the same thing under a freeway bridge which must’ve set the LA Fire Department on high alert. Other moments worth looking out for include a death-defying move in which Block drifts underneath a bouncy hydraulic low-rider.

Though we are bombarded by safe and environmental friendly cars nowadays, nothing beats an old smokey burnout to appreciate the sheer brilliance of some custom car builders, and drivers like Block.

Enjoy the best 12 minute car handling lesson you’ll ever receive below.



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