BMW brings Old School Goggles back: But this time with a twist

BMW’s Mini unit will be soon showing off a new system that presents a throwback in looks and a step forward in technology. The company is set to show off its Mini Augmented Vision goggles at the Shanghai auto show this week. The new tech-design feeds motorists with information while their eyes remain on the road. This is aimed at giving drivers a better all-round view of what happens outside their cars when they’re not there.

The augmented reality goggles project warnings, speeds and directions onto the lens in front of the drivers eyes. They also provide the driver with X-ray Vision, which takes advantage of the growing number of camera places on the outside of the vehicles. By simply just pointing your head to the side of the car, you’re shown a camera feed of what’s going on outside. That could be especially beneficial to those that struggle with parallel parking. Other features allow the goggles to automatically link with the vehicle and start supplying the driver with essential information such as directions and warnings on the road. If someone texts you while driving, a small warning sign will appear onscreen, and giving you the option of having your car read it aloud.

Mini and BMW have teamed up with Qualcomm to bring the technology to life. These glasses have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor inside of them, which means that they have the same qualities as a smartphone, but aimed squarely at your face. BMW said that the reason for designing this device was to minimise distractions and help the driver to stay focused on the road.

The company will however have to over come the fact that eye-wear technologies have not yet become popular in the fashion market because they lacked a clear use. That’s why BMW and Qualcomm say that their augmented vision goggles are designed to provide a purpose and not to attract unwanted attention.

Check out the goggles in action in this video:



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