7 awesome gadgets for your next road trip

R&D departments across the world are filled to the brim with prototypes of the car of the future, and manufacturers working on the next step in the evolution of cars. Self-driven cars, flying cars, accident prevention systems and advanced tracking systems are some of the things to expect from the cars of the future.

Companies like Google are also getting in on the action with speculation of Google self-driven cars possibly hitting the mass market as early as 2019. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there are apps and gadgets available today, which can transform your car into one of these super cars. We have put together a list of 7 of the top gadgets and apps, to make your car and driving experience safer and more efficient.

1. Automatic


This car adapter which fits into your cars’ onboard diagnostics port will collect vital information about your car. With Automatic you can find out where you parked your car, look at your trip history, diagnose engine problems or call for help in the event of an accident. The small adapter connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can access information about your car on the go. Automatic works on all car models manufactured after 1996, making the adapter compatible with most cars.

2. Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Get out of sticky situations with this road assistance app. Whether you locked your keys inside, run out of fuel or have a flat, with a few taps on your phone you can get the help you need. This app is available for android and IOS. With ease of use and flexibility Good Sam will ensure you are never stranded.

3. Parrot Asteroid Mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini

The Parrot Asteroid Mini is a 3.2 inch full colour screen multimedia system mounted on your dashboard; it comes with a hands free wireless remote. The system is based on the android operating system; it is integrated into your car’s audio system and smartphone, giving you access to all your music, calls and other driver assistant functions including navigation tools and alerts.

4. The GoPro

Capture beautiful panoramic scenery and video on your road trip or when just driving around with the GoPro. This onboard camera comes with time-lapse video editing, 4K ultra HD video, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for instant sharing with family and friends. Transform your driving experience with this must-have gadget from GoPro.

5. Tripit


If you like taking the power into your hands this app will give you control over all the details of your trip. Become your own travel agent; create custom itineraries of all your flights, car rentals and hotel bookings all in one place. Tripit also offers a service where you can send all your flight confirmations, bookings and reservations to plans@tripit.com and Tripit will create an itinerary for you.

6. The Cruise RP-1

Take a leap into the future with this gadget which brings some of the self-driven car features to your vehicle. The Cruise RP-1 can control the steering, brake system and acceleration, giving you cruise control capabilities during the day. The nifty gadget also comes with a radar system, which tracks and monitors the presence of surrounding cars and their speeds, making your journey safer.

7. Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker


If you are about to embark on a long trip on the road, this gadget will ensure you have all the energy you need. Tiredness is one of the major causes of accidents on the road. This handheld coffeemaker is non-electrical and portable, allowing you to brew your favourite coffee blend on the road. This adds convenience and that little bit of energy could be the difference between life and death.

With all these gadgets and apps at your disposal you can transform your driving experience and turn your car into a time capsule, a look into the future. With all these enhancements ensure that you have the right cover for your car. Get peace of mind with car insurance cover for your futuristic ride. There are various options open to you and to get the best insurance cover you can compare insurance quotes online and save time and money.



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