These might be the road signs of the future…

From bus lanes and yield notifications to stop signs and speed limits, road signs haven’t changed much over the years, it would seem.

But automotive innovation is moving at a rapid pace, so UK-based website Car Keys came up with several road signs we might see in the future…

Autonomous cars only

Between Google, Tesla and other firms dabbling in this field, it seems like a matter of time until we get lanes for autonomous cars only. Expect these lanes to be the safest – unless a human driver decides to get in on the action.


Charging lanes to be a thing?

Much like autonomous technology, several firms are experimenting with the ability to charge a vehicle while it’s driving. It wouldn’t be the first exclusive perk for electric car owners either, as we already see electric-only parking in the USA.


Will Hyperloop signs be a reality?

Hyperloops trains seem to be the next big thing, but will we actually see them rolled out to the public at large? If anyone can do it though, it’s Elon Musk…


Robots at work

The website reckons that robots will replace humans at roadworks as well, so you might just see a robots filling up potholes on your way to work (in your autonomous car).


Watch out for the straddle bus

We’ve seen a straddle bus in China before, and the idea seems rather intriguing and innovative. I won’t be surprised if other countries adopt the technology to fight traffic congestion…


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