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All posts tagged "Aakash"

  • Breaking down the barriers to the next billion [Wired 2013]

    Day two of the Wired Conference kicked off with the lofty task of "bringing the next billion online" and included missives from those who are breaking down barriers and making big changes easier. Up first was Eben Upton -- co-founder of Raspberry Pi -- the small computer that looks like a small credit card with lights on it. Doesn't sound that thrilling until you realise it is fast changing the world. Why? A few reasons; it's US$25, freely available, customisable, incredibly easy to use... oh and it's already sold one million units (and on track to sell two million...

  • The new Aakash: Can India’s student tablet really make an impact again?

    News recently dropped that the new version of the Aakash, India’s “student” version of a tablet computer, will launch on 11 November this year. The slate will be priced around US$42 for now, until the numbers scale up enough to pull the tag below US$35. The question is – does this second attempt come too late in the day for this little mickey? This is a first anywhere in the world, perhaps. An elected government getting into the “business” of e-learning by placing an order for a cheap, ‘Made In India’, computing device, and then handing over the same for...