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All posts tagged "ACTA"

  • Upcoming UN summit could change web freedom forever

    An upcoming UN summit on international telecommunications could see wholesale changes in a global treaty that would diminish the internet's role in economic growth and restrict the free flow of information. That's if a group of dozens of countries reportedly engaged in secret meetings ahead of the summit have their way. The US delegation attending the World Conference on International Telecommunications to be held in Dubai in December has vowed to block...

  • Reddit users draft legislation to protect internet freedom

    A group of Reddit users has banded together to write its own legislation aimed at protecting freedom on the web. The group, which has gathered around the sub reddit r/fia, is drafting a piece of legislation it calls the Free Internet Act (FIA). The people behind FIA claim they want to “promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing the restriction of liberty and preventing the means of censorship”. According to the...

  • If SOPA was an aircraft carrier, ACTA and TPP are nuclear submarines

    SOPA is on ice for now -- some say dead -- but we need to remain vigilant. It’s difficult however, when governments create new laws that threaten internet freedom of speech and privacy, in secret under the guise of trade agreements. There’s a lot of discussion around the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). While some hail it as the next SOPA, others see it as less insidious. Much of the anti ACTA histrionics are actually ripple effects from the interpretation of earlier drafts of the agreement, but there are definitely key issues to be concerned about. What is ACTA? ACTA is an international...