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All posts tagged "ad networks"

  • Ad exchanges and ad networks work best together: here’s why

    Web publishers have myriad ways of profiting from users coming to their sites. Display, or banner, advertising has been around since particular web pages became popular and needed to monetise. How these things work Advertisers needed to buy inventory but internet audiences are increasingly fragmented according to their demographics and interests -- so ad networks aggregated inventory across many sites in order to provide the size of audience that traditional avenues like television had previously offered. Inventory would be sold on a cost-per-thousand impressions (views) or, as it termed, CPM basis. For a more technical explanation of how ad networks work,...

  • Vinny Lingham: The man to watch in 2008

    Web entrepreneur Vinny Lingham will be my local web 2.0 story to watch for 2008. Despite his early critics, Vinny has put his money where his mouth is and secured some useful venture capital for his new baby, Synthasite. Earlier this year, Synthasite raised US$5-million in investment from a Richemont subsidiary, Swiss-based Columbus Venture Capital. It's not a huge amount by world standards, but certainly useful and easily enough to take the...