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All posts tagged "ancyl"

  • Julius Malema axed from ANCYL, Twitter reacts

    Julius Malema, upstart leader of South Africa's ANC Youth League (ANCYL) today faced the music for his multiple political indiscretions. Of the rulings, one stands out and Twitter was there to capture the moment. Malema, and a number of his cohorts from the ANCYL leadership, had been facing charges before an ANC disciplinary committee. The charges ranged from ill-discipline to bringing the ANC, as a whole, into disrepute. As social media analytic tool Topsy.com shows, mentions of Malema dramatically shot up as the ruling came in. By midday, all of the top 10 Trending Topics in South Africa were related to the...

  • Malema ‘shoot the boer’ ruling divides South African tweeters

    The judgement delivered Monday in Julius Malema's hate-speech trial has sharply divided South African tweeters. The Equality court has found that the controversial ANC Youth League (ANCYL) President’s singing of an ANC revolutionary song containing the lyrics "dhubula ibhunu" (loosely translated to mean "shoot the boer") constitutes hate speech. Penned by Judge Collin Lamont, the ruling which has received attention from international news outlets, was unequivocal. He found that "The singing of the song by Malema constituted hate speech", and that "No justification exist allowing the words to be sung... the words were in any event not sung on a justifiable...

  • Malema’s hearing: More than $200 000 worth of negative coverage

    The high-profile disciplinary hearing of ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has so far reached an astonishing 8 419 565 individuals, "costing" South Africa about US$277 331 in negative publicity. This is the finding of Cape Town-based online Reputation Management Company (ORM), BrandsEye. ORM is the monitoring, engaging and conversion of online brand mentions, it is used to resolve negative brand mentions and maintain a close relationship with consumers/fans/followers. BrandsEye has a...

  • South Africa votes: The online ‘chatter’ [statistics]

    The general consesus emerging amongst the chattering classes is that tomorrow's elections in South Africa will become known as "The Toilet Elections of 2011." However, had that matter not so spectacularly erupted in the face of both major political parties, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the African National Congress (ANC), this election could have very well become known as South Africa's Social Media Elections of 2011. Just as electioneering has stormed through social...

  • ANCYL no longer wants to shut Twitter down

    After the ruckus over how Twitter is a place for “desktop activists" who are disconnected from the masses, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has had a change of heart. The organisation has now, after many media rants, decided to embrace the microblogging site. The Youth League has always played a major part in the South African Twitter experience. With its controversial President, Julius Malema, and often colourful spokesperson, Floyd Shivambu, being media favourites -- there have been many noteworthy ANCYL moments on Twitter, the media's new playground. One memorable case was the ejection of BBC journalist, Jonah Fisher from...

  • Spoof Julius Malema ‘in talks’ with ANCYL to hand over Twitter account

    Controversial ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leader Julius Malema may be negotiating to take over one of the larger fake Twitter accounts registered in his name with the view to making it his official account. Memeburn has been informed that the owner of @julius_s_malema, whose identity remains a mystery, is "in talks" with ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu. With more than 16 200 followers, @julius_s_malema is the largest of the 25 or so fake Malema Twitter accounts worth mentioning. Malema hit worldwide headlines recently when ANCYL hilariously called for the world-famous microblogging platform to be shut down due to the proliferation of fake accounts...

  • Julius Malema hashtag #Jujufriday trends on Twitter

    ANC Youth League (ANCYL) firebrand Julius Malema went viral on Twitter on Friday, as internet users in South Africa and around the world poked fun at the controversial youth league leader with the hashtag "#JujuFriday". At one stage, according to WhatTheTrend.com, #jujufriday was the second most popular Twitter trend world-wide, before it was eclipsed during the late afternoon. The hashtag was created in response to the ANCYL's bizarre and laughable threats to close down the micro-blogging network last week as a result of several fake Julius Malema Twitter profiles on the social network. Tweets were streaming in from South Africans...