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All posts tagged "data journalism"

  • How EWN used data journalism to give context to Soweto attacks

    Xenophobic attacks broke out in Soweto last week spreading to other areas around Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Khayelitsha in the Western Cape. News organisations were quick to report on the killings as tension was still brewing between local and foreign business owners. But beyond the headlines and live crossings, it was easy to think the violence was isolated to a few hot spots. Context and the sheer geography of the attacks were hard to grasp, even if you read all you could find about the violence. A small in-house team at Primedia’s EWN saw the opportunity to explain what was unfolding across South Africa...

  • The 5 minute guide to scraping data from PDFs

    Every data journalist knows the feeling: you're working on a massive project, you've finally found the data... but it is in PDF format. Last month I had a crime reporter from Cape Town in one of my data journalism training sessions, who had managed to get around 60 PDF pages worth of stats out the relevant authorities. She explored and analyzed them by hand, which took days. That set me thinking. The problem can't be all that uncommon and there must be a good few data journalists out there who could use a quick guide to scraping spreadsheets from...

  • The future of journalism lies in data [Highway Africa]

    The way news is produced and consumed has changed and media houses need to be aware of it. According to Data Journalist Peter Verweij, the current turbulent landscape that journalism faces can be resolved with data journalism. Speaking at the 17th edition of the Highway Africa conference, Verweij points out that newspaper circulation has seen consistent decline in the last decade and online counterparts are gaining traction. He argues that journalists need to be analytical in their storytelling by mining the data already available to them. "Journalism is in crisis and in desperate need for reinvention and data journalism could...

  • Data journalism: where coders and journos meet

    How do you make sense of a growing data pile spit out by the internet? The number of journalists who can analyse and write stories based on this data is still relatively small. At a time when large numbers of journalists are being laid off -- because print newspapers are closing or decreasing the number of editors -- data journalism is becoming a great way to get value out of journalistic work. Newspapers are also exploring it, and data journalism could potentially attract more readers to print or online editions. In Europe, The Guardian’s data page is an example of how...