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All posts tagged "Digital Sky Technologies"

  • $800-million worth of fresh funding for Twitter

    In a blog post modestly titled "Your world, more connected" Twitter announced on Monday it has closed a deal for a "significant" round of new funding led by Russian investment company Digital Sky Technologies (DST). Twitter did not reveal the amount raised for the wildly popular real-time microblogging service but based on reports from tech site All Things Digital, speculation has placed the deal to be worth US$800-million, pushing the value of the company up to US$8-billion. According to AllThingsD, US$400-million of the total investment will go to the company and US$400-million will be used to cash out current investors and...

  • Yuri Milner: Making billions in the new bubble

    Craig Mellow, at The Deal Magazine has a fascinating profile of Yuri Milner, the Russian investment banker who runs Digital Sky Technologies(DST), a multi-billion dollar fund. Milner has garnered tremendous amounts of publicity for his investments in Facebook, Groupon and other high flying US companies. Late last year, DST partner Alexander Tamas, defended Groupon’s rejection of Google’s acquisition bid, citing that Groupon could become one of the most important companies on the internet. Tamas also said that DST looks for companies with a valuation of at least US$1-billion and it only invests in internet companies that have the potential to become the...

  • The emerging market social-networking superpowers

    There is something going on in China, Russia and South Africa. Via various internet investments and creations, these three countries combined have built up major stakes in some of the world's biggest sites and social networks. Russian investment company, Digital Sky Technologies (DST), now owns about 7-10% of Facebook by various estimates, putting the company among Facebook's biggest owners. Via its sister company Mail.ru, another 2.4% of Facebook is held. Recently, according to the New York Times, DST ploughed a further $50-million into Facebook. DST also owns about five percent of the popular social gaming company Zynga and another five percent...

  • Social gaming: The hype is justified

    There's no shortage of hype about social gaming at the moment, resulting in substantial buyouts of social gaming startups by large media conglomerates. The statistics are pointing to massive growth numbers, specifically around micro-payments and around the vast numbers of users playing social games on a daily basis. Martin Walfisz on Quora.com defines a social game as "a digital online game that: (1) uses a player's social graph to provide an enhanced game experience, (2) facilitates and encourages communication about the game while outside of the game; and, (3) has a minimal barrier to entry". Most definitions refer to a social...

  • South Africa, Naspers and the Facebook connection

    Emerging market internet media giant Naspers has announced that it will acquire a 28.7% stake in Digital Sky Technologies (DST), the Russian internet company that has invested in Facebook, social network game creator Zynga and owns the mature instant messaging service, ICQ. Naspers said it will be investing $388-million via its international investment arm MIH, and contribute its 39.3% stake of Mail.ru, Russia’s biggest email and communications provider, to DST. Naspers is a US$15-billion South African media company focused on internet investments in emerging markets. Apart from various internet investments in Asia, Eastern Europe, India and South America, the company...