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All posts tagged "Facebook privacy"

  • Take This Lollipop ‘creepily’ captures man stalking you on Facebook

    With the requisite eerie music and a shot down an empty corridor, it begins like countless slasher films, the difference is that this time the victim is you. A Facebook app, Take This Lollipop, is taking the internet by storm by brilliantly distilling the often unacknowledged fears Facebook users have about so much of their personal information being on the web into three minutes. Once you (ironically) grant the app access to your information a very well-produced video reminiscent of the Saw films begins. In a grimy, poorly-lit room an unsettling man sits before a computer, and then comes the twist. The...

  • Facebook beefs up sharing and privacy options

    Facebook is beefing up its security and sharing options by allowing users to be more selective regarding who they show their posts to. The social networking giant has recently launched services which are similar to those of rival Google+. Google+, Google's latest attempt at social networking, managed to secure millions of subscribers in part thanks to its selective sharing feature"Circles", which allows users to neatly order their friends into customised groups. The official post from Chris Cox, Facebook VP of products said, "Today we're announcing a bunch of improvements that make it easier to share posts, photos, tags and...

  • Six Facebook privacy tools to protect you

    Don't get me wrong.... growth continued non-stop in 2010, but last year was not a good one for Facebook. Everyone, from Hollywood, privacy advocates to US Senators was on its case for something or other. However, the biggest issue by far was privacy. As Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, now infamously declared during an interview, privacy is no longer a "social norm." This is an attitude that most users of Facebook -- for whom...