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All posts tagged "Fan Page"

  • Facebook Studio launched: A platform for creatives

    Facebook has recently launched a new community site called Facebook Studio – a platform for creative and innovative social media agencies and marketers to come together and share their ideas. The site not only serves as a showcase of the best marketing campaigns on Facebook, but allows the company to interact with agencies in a collaborative, creative learning space. “On Facebook Studio you can get recognized for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook. You'll also find information and resources to help you strengthen...

  • Six ways companies cash in on Facebook ads

    We have all seen them, but how many of us have made good use of Facebook ads? The major selling point on a network site of users that surpasses the size of most countries is this: the ads only display on the Facebook pages of the exact people you want to reach. Here are six ways to make Facebook ads your new Facebook friend: Know your target audience The social networking giant allows you choose the users who will view your ads. It’s up to you to enter the game knowing your guidelines and designing an ad campaign based on...

  • How do SA’s stand-up comics use Facebook?

    Our first look at the biggest local Facebook pages created such a stir we decided to dig deeper into the different ways South Africans are using Facebook to market themselves and their brands. In theory comedians are a natural fit for the Facebook platform - they’re public figures and personal brands rolled into one, and people feel very strongly about them (either way). But how are local comedians making the most of the 3-million local Facebook users? After quite a bit of snooping around, I managed to find these ten examples showcasing the various ways South African comedians are...

  • Should you be using ‘official’ or ‘community’ Facebook Pages?

    You can call Facebook many things, but “simple” is no longer one of them. In the last three years they have piled on the features and, in doing so, cranked up the confusion. If you’re an online marketer you probably already know to avoid the most common mistakes when adding your brand presence to Facebook. For 90% of marketing initiatives, an “official” Facebook Page (aka fan pages or brand pages) is the best choice. But be aware that official pages are actually quite limited in scope. They are only for use by “official representatives” of one of three narrow categories of...