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All posts tagged "Google Goggles"

  • Top apps for planning your holiday trip

    Going on holiday is usually supposed to meaning switching off and tuning out. But being connected can be really useful. Your phone can book a hotel room at the best rate, find you restaurants that only locals know about, or send a postcard -- not to mention sorting out your itinerary and even helping you to pack. And there are those apps that help you not say "I want to caress your bananas" when you actually mean "Where is the nearest public toilet?" And there's no reason you can't still write existentialist treatises in your Moleskine as you watch...

  • Five trends from Google that will change how we think about mobile

    You're in a restaurant in France. The menu looks delightful, but it's all in French and you don't know what to order. So you whip out your mobile, take a photo of the menu and Google Goggles whirs into action, digesting the French text and presenting you with an English version that you can make sense of. This was just one of the many applications that Robert Hamilton, Google's Mobile Product Manager, presented while speaking on the future of mobile at gSouth Africa in Cape Town on Monday. During a wide-ranging and stimulating presentation, Hamilton explained how Google looks...

  • Mind your Google language

    While we carry on in our Anglophone world, assuming that English is the general lingua franca of the world wide web, it’s worth pointing out that English accounts for just under 28% in terms of usage in the web as of December 2009. Search interest in “translate” related keywords continues to grow and Google wants to break the language barrier. This is how they are doing it. Google Translate: Now on 57 languages as of this month and counting, Google Translate seeks to help us move seamlessly between Urdu and Swahili with little effort. Enter text, a webpage URL, or upload...

  • How Google search is evolving right now

    When Universal Search was introduced three years ago it was cool, and now it just got better. Google’s "new spring look", unveiled this month, promises to increase the power of search by organising the results using a left hand panel. In Google’s own words, it's “contextually relevant navigation”. This pulls together the genius behind Universal Search, Search Options and Google Squared. Nice, but it kind of looks like Microsoft's Bing. Some of us are already getting this blend of content from images, maps, books, video, and news into our web results, and the walls that traditionally separated our various search properties...