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All posts tagged "Herman Manson"

  • Media corrections and our social reputations

    The modern news cycle has been diminished to a matter of minutes -- even less on services like Twitter. And it seems to just keep speeding up. As newsrooms become increasingly hard pressed to produce news content quickly -- very quickly -- they find themselves facing an audience that demands near immediate reporting on events and expects that reporting to be factually correct. But journalists make mistakes too and maybe as a profession it has sold itself into the 'we are relevant because we only publish the facts' corner too effectively. 'You can trust that we will be transparent in how...

  • Occupy Twitter in the name of the global citizen

    Twitter can now censor tweets by country. National borders, drawn on paper and defended with razor wire and guns in the physical world, now have a presence on the internet as well. You won't find politicians complaining -- but maybe the rest of us should. It was interesting to see how Twitter decided to break the news of its new localised censorship policy -- in the name of transparency of course -- by framing it through the blighted heritage of the Nazis that will see it abiding by national laws in France, Germany and Israel banning pro-Nazi content. It was...

  • Magazine mindset undermines tablet opportunity

    The rush by media owners to embrace tablets borders on the unseemly. And who can blame them given the continued decline of print revenue and resistance by folk to pay for content on the internet. Tablets, we are told, are much closer to print magazines than to the free-for-all interwebs. Publishers like tablets because they bring people back into "closed" environments through apps. Closing the circle and getting people to "stick" around on one media property was also the purpose of the mega-portals from the 90s. Pull people in, monopolize their attention, and revenue must follow; the argument went. Of course...

  • UCT, media houses turn sites black in protest against ‘secrecy bill’

    South Africans took to social media en-masse as they looked to express their anger at the Protection of State Information Bill, commonly referred to as the "secrecy bill". Facebook and Twitter were not, however, the only online avenues used to protest the bill. A number of public institutions, news organisations and bloggers adapted their websites to include some variation on the "Black Tuesday" motif. The University of Cape Town (UCT), blacked out its entire front page, splashing the word "Censored" across it in bold, white letters. The action is a reminder that the new bill, if passed, has the potential...