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All posts tagged "joy of tech"

  • The Apple/Samsung showdown [Comic]

    Last week a US judge ordered tech industry heavyweights Apple and Samsung to meet in order to put an end to their patent war. In the spirit of moving forward, both parties agreed that their respective chief executives would meet in San Francisco to talk and hopefully bring an end to their ongoing patent battles. The guys at Joy of Tech, ever so imaginative in their thinking, came up with a little comic of what will go down at the meeting. I suppose it makes sense -- the last CEO standing wins the patent war. I particularly like Tim Cook's...

  • The iPad tells all, Tim Cook’s wardrobe disappointment [Comic]

    I think the guys at Joy of Tech were sitting just waiting for Apple to have an event. Following the launch of the device we all thought would be called the iPad3 or iPad HD and that turned out to actually just be the iPad, Nitrozac and Snaggy put together two comics to unpack the main issues of the event. I am really glad they did, because they have addressed the elephant in the.... room? World? Whatever, they addressed an elephant in the form of Tim Cook's apparel. What utter nerve he had to have a sense of individual style!...