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All posts tagged "magazines"

  • Print actually trumps digital in the attention economy: here’s how

    There are few good things to say about printed media these days. It’s wasteful, inefficient, static, expensive to create and distribute. That’s why it’s all going digital. But apart from a nostalgic affinity (“I like the feel of a newspaper, it’s what I have always done”), there is a huge advantage that print has over its digital rivals that perhaps no one could have foreseen. But before I get into that, I’d like to tell you how I got here: I’ve always been somewhat of a digital evangelist, but I’m not a zealot. My drive is to find truth, which leads...

  • South Africa’s top magazines according to Facebook

    Last week, I was interested to read a post by MediaSlut that listed the top South African magazine brands in terms of Twitter followers. I decided to do a corresponding survey of SA magazine brands on Facebook. I used the Audit Bureau of Circulation(ABC) list of South African consumer magazines and searched for more than 100 of the titles on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook’s search is not great and there are many unofficial pages and groups. I also looked on magazine websites for links to their fan pages. Where publications have international versions, the numbers given are for the South African titles’...

  • Subscription service for Apple’s App Store

    Apple unveiled a subscription service on Tuesday for digital newspapers and magazines purchased through its online App Store. A move long awaited by publishers seeking new sources of revenue. Subscriptions to music and video services such as Rhapsody or Netflix will also be available through the App Store and will be subject to the same terms as newspaper and magazine applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Owners of the popular Apple devices previously had to purchase each edition of a magazine individually. Apple said publishers will set the price and length of subscriptions -- weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly...

  • Woolworths runs into Christian backlash on Facebook

    When it comes to social media and successful brands, the cautionary phrase "Be careful what you wish for" should always be front of mind. It's wonderful to have thousands of empowered vocal customers when they are happy, but when you do something to anger them, then the possibility of a PR-disaster is never far away. Case in point...South Africa's prestigious Woolworths retail chain announced this week it would no longer be selling Christian magazines in-store. A letter from Woolworths to its retailers explained the decision: "Woolworths has taken a business decision to no longer stock any religious magazines, with immediate...

  • 6 reasons why the iPad will be the magazine’s saviour

    The web has never really been a good fit for the glossies. Their luxurious, ample layouts have not really translated effectively to the web. Advances in web technology and connectivity have resulted in a more multimedia-friendly web - we’re in the broadband era, Flash is on its 10th version, and YouTube is the world’s 3rd biggest site. Yet magazines just aren’t nearly as prominent as their online newspaper counterparts. We can guess why. Maybe it’s because the web started out predominantly as a text-based platform and, like it or not, that legacy shapes today’s paradigm? Perhaps it’s because the web...