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All posts tagged "MeYou"

  • me&you mobile: SIM-only contracts are the future [SPONSORED]

    Selling SIM cards isn't a new, brave business venture. Hell, your local corner shop probably sells spade-loads of them, and perhaps even allows you to RICA them as well. But moving this business entirely online is an interesting step that me&you mobile has undertaken. The company, now just over a year old, believes that SIM-only contracts are the future for consumers. But how exactly does me&you describe itself? "me&you mobile is a month-to-month, SIM-only mobile network offering the lowest call rates on the market," company brand manager Dean Ormsby explains. Currently servicing around 15 000 customers, me&you buys voice and data from...

  • Sina’s MeYou looks to clone Path’s success

    Chinese social networks aren't exactly averse to copying their Western counterparts, but Sina's Path clone is taking it to a whole new level. The private social network, called MeYou (which translates as "close friends") sticks so faithfully to Path's iOS app design that it would be indistinguishable if it weren't for the Chinese characters. According to TechNode, the app integrates pretty closely with the company's immensely popular microblogging service Sina Weibo. People can, for instance, log in with their Weibo accounts. Should they choose to do so, all their Weibo connections will be transferred to the app. Technode does...