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All posts tagged "mobilitate"

  • Tweets may get your potholes fixed

    The "suggestion tweets" for South African president Jacob Zuma's recent State on the Nation address seem to have been well received by the presidency. The South African government is set to spend US$3-million to fix potholes after complaints to the president made on social networks. This undertaking will create 70 000 jobs for the country's unemployed. Zuma urged South Africans to use Twitter and Facebook to suggest what his annual state-of-the-nation speech last week should focus on. Two major issues resonated in the tweets -- plugging potholes and the country's rising unemployment status. South Africans worked hard on Twitter...

  • Mobilitate: A social media platform that takes on government

    Social media has become the proverbial soap-box for causes, issues and many things that need a voice. Social media campaigns spear-headed by individuals often lose momentum because they fail to mobilise people. The power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs lie in the fact that they empower individuals to publish, influence and make a cause known. But that's the ideal world. The reality is that the impact most individuals can make on a regular basis is limited, fragmented and not coordinated. Enter Mobilitate -- a platform that allows an individual to coordinate a response using various social media tools to...