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All posts tagged "Rio Ferdinand"

  • Is tweeting profitable?

    The Next Web reportedly recently paid Paris Hilton US$3 000 for a sponsored tweet and while sponsored tweets are nothing new, we've got to wonder how profitable Twitter is both for itself and its users. Barack Obama has often used Twitter to broadcast his feelings on certain topics like tax (#40dollars) and the debt-ceiling (#Compromise) and, as a result, has also used it to drum up support for his re-election in 2012 -- so it clearly has a role to play in how prominent businesses and individuals engage with their followers, but what about pure ROI and at what...

  • Rio Ferdinand, Sepp Blatter engage in tweet war over racism

    In the wake of claims by FIFA president Sepp Blatter that there was no racism in football, Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand has taken to Twitter to express his dismay, resulting in a flood of tweets from the two. Blatter has faced worldwide condemnation and calls for his resignation following the comments. When CNN asked him if racism still existed on the pitch, Blatter denied it and said such incidents should simply be settled by a handshake at the end of the match. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, he made the wide-sweeping pronouncement that "After the World Cup in...

  • Piers Morgan vs Rio Ferdinand: The Twitter catfight

    The media loves Twitter. The media loves celebrities. The media really loves celebrities feuding. The media really, really, loves a feuding celebrity being told off. Add all of that together and you've got the perfect 'news' story. Esteemed and trusted media house, The Guardian, with much apparent glee late last night (UK time) ran a story on how former Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand had apparently been contacted by an official from Twitter who told him to cease "cyber-bullying" under the headline, "Twitter shows Rio Ferdinand yellow card for cyberbullying Piers Morgan". The website stopcyberbullying.org defines cyber-bullying in part as,...