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All posts tagged "Rob Stokes"

  • Idea Bounty: Turning crowdsourcing into cash

    How could you get paid to add to the crowdsourcing debate? It's simple, according to Daniel Neville, Brand Co-ordinator at Idea Bounty. Just do it. Idea Bounty is a global crowdsourcing platform connecting clients with thousands of creatives around the world in order to help "solve marketing and communications briefs and challenges", says the company. Clients pay for only the ideas they use and creatives receive a "bounty" for winning submissions. It's an idea clearly seeking to cash in on the crowdsourcing phenomenon, one that until now has been associated with profit in the popular imagination. Nic Ray and Rob...

  • Silicon Valley: Will it ever be replicated?

    Silicon Valley is the world’s success story in an unprecedented age of technological advancement – not to mention the rapid wealth that has come with it. But is Silicon Valley a success that can be replicated, even partially? Memeburn has checked out the state of similar concepts around emerging markets. This is what we found across four of them. India Bangalore enjoys the nickname "Silicon Valley of India”. Besides some who miss the point and criticise the city for not being truly a valley, the defining aspects of the area when it comes to technology are present. Business...

  • 6 tips for startup success

    Rob Stokes is an entrepreneurial successes heading a multi-national agency, Quirk eMarketing. His company delivers marketing solutions for businesses and brands that seek to engage with connected audiences. Quirk has grown from a one man agency working out of Rob's home to an international business with headquarters in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London. In just under a decade there are now over 80 "quirkstars" across the 3 offices, with the main production...

  • Is SEO evil?

    It's an old debate, but always worth a good discussion: The Digital Edge podcast by Jarred Cinman and Saul Kropman is tackling the topic of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It's a contentious topic, around which there is still discussion, and a bit of obfuscation. The podcast sensationally interviews two "anonymous SEO practitioners" to see how they use their knowledge in an "unscrupulous manner" to promote the likes of online casinos and even remove...

  • First Google South Africa networking session kicks off

    The new Google country head Stafford Masie held an informal get together and networking session for about 60 or so local internet players on Monday afternoon. He said the briefing was off the record, but later made exceptions for bloggers. It was a good session -- the first ever held by the new Google South Africa. It was a marathon of presentations from Googlers Frederick Leuschner, Carmel Doherty, and Ryan Kitching (a South...

  • Surviving an online brand attack

    I'm becoming a regular reader of the Quirk blog (and not just because of their recent SEO article). Here is a piece on ten practical steps a company can follow to survive an "online brand attack". It reminds me of a time at a conference when a guy from Absa asked me -- "What's the point of trying to respond to bloggers, because people like to complain and they complain before they...