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All posts tagged "Sweden"

  • Gang rape of Swedish woman broadcast live on Facebook

    According to a grim tabloid report from Sweden, three men on Monday recorded and broadcast an alleged gang rape using Facebook Live -- the social network's live video streaming service. The incident, which took place in Sweden's fourth largest city Uppsala, is currently undergoing a "preliminary investigation", according to police officials. Police were alerted by a concerned member of the closed Facebook group in which the video was being broadcast. According to a member of the group, around 200 people were watching the broadcast simultaneously. Reports also suggest that there might be two videos currently circulating on Facebook. Police, in a press...

  • Demise of the newspaper greatly exaggerated

    At the World Association of Newspaper's conference in Cape Town, Anton Harber on journalism.co.za writes that it is "Not all doom and gloom from newspapers". Negative perceptions of the future of newspapers were challenged by a barrage of figures by Timothy Balding, CEO of the World Association of Newspapers, where he says: Newspapers in developing markets continue to increase circulation by leaps and bounds, and in mature markets are showing remarkable resilience against the...

  • Online media – growing pains

    I did a PDF of my powerpoint presentation (3mbs) at the recent Captivate Student Media conference that I popped down to Grahamstown for on Saturday. It looks at the online media industry in South Africa and then the BIG PICTURE, historical view of what online media and online networking means for society as a whole (borrowed from Rupert Murdoch and that anarchic little book from Sweden, Netocracy). It's hard to understand what...

  • Netocracy

    If Karl Marx were alive today this is the book he would have written. This is the bold, if not slightly ambitious, claim of Swedish authors Alexander Bard and Jan Söderqvist. For Marx, society’s power politics, ideology and social dynamics are shaped by the economy, most notably in modern times by capitalism. In the Swedish authors’ new book, Netocracy, they pick up where Marx left off and take a good, long, hard look...