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All posts tagged "VLC"

  • VLC preview offers 360 photo/video support

    360 videos and photos are becoming one of the more popular formats out there, but there are still significant challenges to be had. Playback is one of these obstacles, but a new app from the VLC crew (VideoLAN) shows a lot of promise. VideoLAN has released the VLC 360 tech preview, allowing you to play 360 photos/videos on Windows 7 and later or MacOS 10.10 and later. As for capabilities, the 360 tech preview supports 360 video playback using the "Spatial Video spec", as well as 360 photo/panorama support via the "spherical spec". Either way, you can swipe through content using...

  • BlackBerry sold, Google’s birthday and Youtube kills trolls: #StuffToKnow this week

    The once ubiquitous smartphone BlackBerry has fallen into the abyss and sold out. Google is celebrating its 15th birthday in hobbit style by giving us a ton of presents in the way of updates. A fish is making some scientist as giddy as a school girl and in weird news, Batman's sidekick gets his own show (no, it’s not Robin or even Alfred). TECH Struggling BlackBerry agrees to be sold for $4.7-billion So BlackBerry finally succumbed to what we have been predicting for quite some time now -- they are being sold to an investment group for a little shy of...

  • 14 useful apps for Mac

    With so many many amazing apps for Mac, everyone is sure to have a favourite or two. I decided to list a few stemming from my own meandering experiences. Some of them might be familiar to you too, but on the off chance that they are not, I felt compelled to share them. If you have other favourites you simply cannot live without please feel free to share them in the comments. Sparrow - http://www.sparrowmailapp.com Minimalist and beautiful, with special attention paid to Gmail integration, it’s one of the best ways to experience Gmail natively on your Mac. Twitter for Mac -...