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All posts tagged "Woza Online"

  • Engage: Google’s latest move to help small businesses help themselves

    This week the Google Africa team came to Cape Town with their Google Engage for Agencies program. Google Engage is designed to empower eMarketing agencies of all shapes and sizes that provide their clients Google AdWords with the support and further training to better utilize AdWords and other Google products. Although the program is officially titled Engage for Agencies, there were quite a few additional service providers present at the event. This is because Google is interested in equipping a multitude of online marketing professionals to use AdWords to their fullest extent. Engage is welcoming webmasters, developers, consultants, and even...

  • The rise of Woza Online: 10K websites in just two months

    Google's Woza Online initiative claims to have successfully helped 11 200 small businesses set up websites easily and for free in South Africa -- all in just two months. And Google expects "thousands more" to sign up in the coming months. Woza Online is a world-wide initiative that helps small businesses create their own websites, in turn boosting job creation and economic growth. Google has launched similar initiatives in 23 other countries around the world from Great Britain, Canada, and Australia to Brazil, Indonesia, France, and Poland -- bringing 400 000 businesses online over two years. In Africa,...

  • Google launches Woza Online: Free websites for SA businesses

    Google has launched a service that will allow small and medium-sized South African businesses to build their own websites for free. The internet giant claims that the initiative, called Woza Online, will give businesses "the opportunity to create their own websites... and develop an online presence -- for free, and in under an hour". Google says that having a website means more success for small businesses -- so it's driving home the...