Memeburn is read by some of the online industry’s foremost tech thinkers and innovators. Read the selected testimonials below about the site from these respected members in the online industry:

“As CEO of Cell C, I need to stay informed about what’s happening on the web, and what people are saying about social media and the topics of the day. Memeburn helps me to be on top of many of these conversations, it puts arguments into context and does so quickly. It really helps that the focus is on South Africa and issues of emerging markets. I recommend memeburn.com highly or in other words: Memeburn?”

Lars Reichelt
former CEO Cell C

“Memeburn does what its name suggests: it puts intense heat on “memes” – the live trends and topics in the world of new media. It does this an independent and critical style, and with an eye to the interests of businesses and consumers. The result is to make technology change accessible and contextual.  And relevant: at the same time as playing in the heady global space, Memeburn keeps its feet planted in the realities of South Africa. It is this vantage point that adds special value by breaking new stories and interpreting others which bear on the transformation of South Africa into an Information Society for all.”

Guy Berger
Former professor of journalism at Rhodes University, current director for freedom of expression and media development at UNESCO.

“In the mass of sites covering social media issues in our increasingly connected and complicated online world, memeburn.com stands out for its crisp, reader-friendly design, its smart analysis of the burning topics of the day, and its useful, entertaining, provocative, and on-the-button content. It’s the first site I turn to to get a grasp of what social media means, and what social social media memes mean…and it’s a huge bonus that the content is extra relevant to me as a South African.”

Gus Silber
Award-winning veteran journalist

“Since its launch, Memeburn has certainly held its own against other established technology news/blog site.  It is now a key source for the latest industry trends and statistics.  Its content is well informed and professionally written, and articles come from a wide variety of respected writers and thought leaders in the industry.  Information is always current and relevant to developments in the industry, and Memeburn is often the first to provide news or comment on a particular issue.  We look forward to Memeburn’s continued success in the South African media landscape.”

Julie Taylor
Head of Google communications

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