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All posts tagged "trolls"

  • Twitter to crack down on serial trolls by tracking their phone numbers

    Twitter has announced that it is now going to decisively deal with trolls as part of its long term plan. In the past Twitter was ambiguous about its stance regarding trolls, as evidenced by its inaction around Gamergate. Although there were constant threats of assault, death and rape, Twitter frequently failed to act. And when it did, it was often weeks later with no concrete action. But the general public clearly views trolling as a serious matter which needs to be dealt with. In Sweden, there is even a television show called Trolljägarna (Troll Hunter) which, as the name...

  • What kind of internet troll are you?

    Do you spend an awful lot of time posting comments on the internet? If so, it's possible that you are a troll. But, just knowing this is not enough. There are so many different types of trolls operating on the net today. Take this handy, informative and completely serious quiz to find out… What kind of internet troll are you? 1. Someone writes a truly heartfelt blog post that lays bare the very essence of their soul. You decide to post a comment below, saying: a) You say you are depressed in paragraph one, yet in paragraph two you say that...

  • Down the rabbit hole into the land of social media

    Like Alice going down the rabbit hole, or Dorothy on arrival in the Land of Oz when she pronounced, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," any new social media user is likely to experience a sense of bemusement and wonder. Regardless of which platform one uses, when entering the world of social media for the first time, a sense of bemusent and befuddled is an understatement. Classic stories such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland provide wonderful comparisons to the world of social media when you consider the grinning cats, mad hatters, munchkins,...