Goodbye Twitter, RIP Twitter and Twitter takeover trend all on Musks’ sink

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In a love-hate relationship among Twitter users with the platform, the hashtag Goodbye Twitter trended in protest against Twitter – ironically on the same platform on Friday.

While users began Tweeting their alternative social media handles on Thursday night to the second wave of the Goodbye Twitter hashtag emanating from a mass exodus of employees from Twitter this week, Twitter boss Elon Musk is at the center of the storm.

It all started with an message from the Tesla boss with a 5 Pm deadline.

In response to the deadline, employees called it quits opting for the three month severance instead.

In a wave of tweets, employees indicated their stance against Musk’s leadership indicating that they had chosen not to sign Musk’s pledge.

This was around 50% of the company’s workforce.

This throws the platform into panic mode since there were several layoffs, at he company earlier this month and at the end of October.

Musk lodged an ultimatum which may have left a bad taste in the minds of former employees.

Employees left and Musk quickly went on to the platform to announce that Twitter usage hit another all-time high.

While panic and investor confidence declines for the platform, there maybe be some order to the current chaos.

Musk has made it clear he believes in smaller teams to do the work as opposed to a massive department.

His other plans include cutting Twitter’s reliance on advertising by at least 50% while bringing in more revenue from a paid portion of the platform.

The trend Goodbye twitter makes it’s return on the platform.

The first wave came after news broke that Musk would be making users pay for the blue tick.

Users were frustrated at the idea of paying for a feature they already had been using.

This did not end well for critics as the subscription feature for $8 was enforced only to be halted after trolls made their way on to the platform in droves.

The second wave of critics have been tweeting goodbye twitter, Twitter takeover and Rip Twitter all in protest against Musk on a platform which he owns.

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