A cellphone & the power of the blogosphere

I’m a gadget freak. Need the latest with most buttons. Gotta have Gotta have… you know how it is. It’s an expensive little vice I have, so it means I got a great phone in my pocket, but my T-shirt and shoes have holes in them. I was doing a search for my latest obsession — the latest 3G/HSDPA Jasjam cellphone (yep, it’s got it all)… and I, like most, turned to Google for a bit of a search. Low and behold, the third search result that popped up was the Technorati tag on the JasJam phone. This represents the voice of the bloggers. In fact in fourth place, behind the bloggers on technorati, was another Jasjam review by the big, world authority on all things tech C-NET — by all accounts an online, but traditional media brand. Just shows — the power of the blogosphere — what the bloggers are saying about this brand of cellphone is going to influence mine and other’s purchasing decisions — and they are appearing high up in Google, before some traditional media brands. And it’s not just with cellphones that its happening…

Google Search results showing JasJam in third spot

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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