HTC confirms August Android Market launch in SA

As predicted by Ron Bach on the 20FourLabs blog, the Android market will soon be launched here.

Leaf International Communications, the distributor of HTC in South Africa has confirmed the Android Market, Google’s mobile application directory, will be available to South African users from August 2009.

“HTC was the first to launch Android-based handsets in South Africa during May 2009,” says Stephen Strachan, marketing director at Leaf. “At the time, the Android Market was unavailable to local users and, while we have developed a local application portal, it is great that consumer demand has resulted in Google allowing local users to access this popular global portal. Leaf, together with HTC is exceptionally proud to bring the Android market to the South African consumer”.

For the first time, HTC Magic and HTC Dream handset owners have access to literally thousands of free and paid-for applications. They can download a complete spectrum of apps, ranging from functional downloads to those designed purely for fun. The assortment is limitless and consumers can choose between a variety of gaming applications, business & social networking tools and a multitude of other exciting content for download direct to their HTC Android handsets.

From applications that identify & name the star constellations, to ones that tell you how to mix your favorite cocktails, to those that turn your phones into a light saber – the list goes on and on, but one thing you can be sure of, is that you can make your handset is as unique as you are.

The new HTC Android phones and complimentary Android Market will inject fresh life into the S.A. mobile market. Leaf and HTC are excited about being a catalyst in, what could be termed, the next evolution within the S.A. mobile industry.

What is an Android operating system?
It is an open source operating system, designed to optimise freedom within the mobile environment. It allows developers across the globe to write mobile applications for Android-based handsets. The Android platform was specifically designed around the Google experience and will continue to evolve as the developer community works together to build mobile applications.

What is the Android market?
An open source operating system requires a complimentary market to be fully operational and to be able to offer its real benefits. The Android market, true to the definition, is a place where developers and users are able to buy, sell and trade applications. This community is totally free and users and developers are able to liaise directly with each other.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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