4 funny Tweeters cheering up #worldcup supporters

At around R25-billion in value, football is a serious business for FIFA. While all this seriousness can easily weigh on the game’s natural “joie de vivre”, there are still some mavericks out there poking fun at the expense of the giant, mini-dress hating, wad of cash that is FIFA and its associated media circus.

Here are four Twitter accounts worth following this World Cup if you’re looking for a good dose of humour:

Name: @FIFAGlobalPR
Location: We are everywhere
Bio: This page exists to get FIFA’s message and mission statement out into the twitterverse!
Best Tweet: We love vuvuzelas, they distract the public from what we are really doing. #weownyou
and “@BPGlobalPR Excuse me, get back to your oil spill, you’re not licensed to tweet about football. #weownyoutoo”
Quick Take: @FIFAGlobalPR joins a long list of @GlobalPR memes that is taking the micky out of every-one from BP to Hamas and even Orania.

Name: @the_vuvuzela
Location: N/A
Bio: N/A
Best Tweet: National anthems. Shhhhhhhhh.
Quick Take: @the_vuvuzela doesn’t give out much information about him/her self. Probably doesn’t want the FIFA Police Service bursting into his/her room in the early hours of the morning and arresting him/her in their underwear. FIFA blows, and so does the Vuvuzela,  BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Name: @emmaturd
Location: SA – Armpit of the World
Bio: Reporter in South Africa for international news channel, telling the world how shit it is here, even though it’s not.
Best Tweet: Kitted out my producer in posh clothes, nice jewelery & duct-taped 4 iPods to his back. Sending him to Hillbrow. #NeedAStory
Quick Take: Emma Turd Hurd is a British journalist who has been covering the 2010 World Cup for Sky news. Somebody took offence at the negative tone of some of her reporting on South Africa and created an account in the name of @emmaturd.

Name: @SeppTheDog
Location: Mzansi
Bio: I’m a very handsome Boston Terrier living in Cape Town. Now called Sepp Blatter in honour of someone very special. Go Bafana!! (and USA!!)… (and uh Brazil!!!)
Best Tweet:
Dear @kulula i’m a very handsome Boston Terrier called Sepp Blatter and I’d like to claim the free flights you promised me in your ads!
Quick Take: @SeppTheDog took up a tongue-in-cheek offer from budget airline Kulula to fly Sepp Blatter around the country free of charge. Somebody re-christened their dog Sepp and @SeppTheDog was born. I see a marketing campaign in the making…



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