80+ SA bands, singers to follow: Memeburn’s ultimate Twitter guide

The South African music industry has grown exponentially during the last few years. Bands, DJ’s, soloists, record labels have all taken to the web to promote themselves, and what better way to spread your message than Twitter? Using the micro-blogging platform, artists share their vision, announce gigs and interact with their fans.

We’ve set ourselves the ambitious task of hosting the definitive guide to SA music on Twitter. Please comment and let’s grow it into a powerful resource.

    1. Freshlyground, the seven-piece band consisting of members from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, is arguably the biggest Afro-pop act South Africa has ever produced. In 2010 they made a giant leap into the international music scene when they helped create the 2010 Fifa World Cup anthem, Waka Waka, with Shakira. They also performed Waka Waka live on stage with her. Their tweets are mainly related to their gigs and schedule, yet with this recent tweet one there it’s no surprise why they are so big: “Waka Waka is officially the most successful world cup song of all time!!! Multi platinum with 2.2 million… http://fb.me/EWkzj3Vr“.
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.freshlyground.com/
      Twitter Bio: Freshlyground is a South African band with an eclectic and distinct sound.

    2. Koos Kombuis is a musician, singer, songwriter and author. He is also one of the founding fathers of the legendary Voëlvry movement of the 1980s. Its aim was to “liberate Afrikaans from the shackles of its past”. The impact of Kombuis’ music can still be felt today in groups like Fokofpolisiekar and Koos still remains defiant as you can see in this tweet: “Signing off now! Have a politically incorrect week-end, but dont drink before 11 o’clock!”.
      Name Koos Kombuis
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/kooskombuis/
      Twitter Bio: Koos is a South African satirist, author and journalist with a dark past.

    3. DJ Fresh is on the list because he is one of the country’s biggest Tweeters, but he also has thirteen house albums under his belt and a slot on Gauteng’s highest-rated radio station, 5FM. DJ Fresh also owns Big Dawg Productions and has been very outspoken against xenophobia in South Africa.
      DJ Fresh
      Web http://www.djfresh.dj/
      Twitter Bio: Club/Radio Jock.. Twitter holic… Love Big Butts and i cannot lie.. I’LL HOUSE YOU!!

    4. Die Antwoord is South Africa’s latest musical export and viral marketing phenomenon. The group consists of three members Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Ninja aka MaxNormal has fronted various bands over the years such as The Original Evergreens, MaxNormal.TV and The Constructus Corporation taking on various stage personalities. This has also in part lead to the recent success of Die Antwoord with their white trash personas and profanity making it into just about every one of their tweets like: “jou ma se poes in a fish paste jar x x x http://fb.me/w7jiWbqz”.
      Name NINJA
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.dieantwoord.com/
      Twitter Bio: ZEF NINJA RAP RAVE CREW

    5. The Rudimentals are an eight-piece ska/reggae band that have toured with groups like UB40 and have performed at events like the Cape Town Jazz Festival and Zimfest. Their tweets are mainly related to performance times and gigs, but they’re worth a follow if you’re into reggae and would like to know what’s happening when and where.
      Name The Rudimentals
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://rudimentals.co.za/
      Twitter Bio The Rudimentals are an eight-piece ska/reggae band from Cape Town, South Africa.

    6. Fokofpolisiekar is an Afrikaans punk rock band from Bellville, Cape Town. In a sense they are the modern day equivalent of the Voëlvry movement, breathing new life into Afrikaans music and making Afrikaans rock popular among a new generation. In 2009, a documentary about the band was released. “Fokofpolisiekar: Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do”. It premiered at the 2009 Encounters International Documentary Film Festival where it won the “Audience Award”.
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.fokofpolisiekar.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: ‘n Site vir alle fopk fans, bly up to date met alles op die blog en ander happenings by die fop kamp.

    7. Skwatta Kamp is one of South Africa’s premier hip-hop super groups. Their career now spans over 10 years, 6 group albums and various solo albums. Pronounced “Skwa-tah Camp”, the group’s name is derived from “Squatter Camp”, the many informal settlements scattered around South Africa.
      Name Skwatta Kamp
      Location Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa
      Web http://www.myspace.com/skwatta
      Twitter Bio: Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

    8. Just Jinjer, formerly known as Just Jinger, is one of the most successful rock bands ever in South Africa, having sold more that a quarter of a million albums. The band’s debut album, All Comes Round, became the best-selling rock album in South African history. Over the last decade, the band has performed and toured with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others. The band is back in SA after being based in Los Angeles for the past 8 years.
      Name Just Jinjer
      Web http://www.justjinjer.com/
      Twitter Bio: Official Twitter of Just Jinjer

    9. TKZee rewrote the South African music history books by becoming the biggest selling kwaito group in the country. The group is made up of three school friends – Tokollo Magesh, Kabelo Mabalane, and Zwai Bala. Zwai is a classically trained musician who met aspiring rappers Kabelo (Bouga) and Tokollo (TK) at St. Stithians College. TKZee’s sound is unique. It is a mixture of hip-hop, classical, house, and gospel beats that fuse into what is called “Guz” music.
      Name TKZee
      Location South Africa
      Web http://tkzee.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: Legendary Kwaito group. Join on http://tkzee.co.za/

    10. HHP has been one of South Africa’s leading indigenous Hip Hop artists for a while. His style of music is known as Motswako, which means “mixture” in Setswana. HHP also has a 12 piece band. The band consists of 6 ladies — Bass player, Alto Sax, Trombone, Keyboard, 2 backing singers — and 6 guys — Guitarist, Keyboards, Drums, 2 backing singers and HHP, the rapper. The group has shared the stage with the likes of Will Downing, Angelina Kidjo, Jamie Cullum, Saul Williams and Snoop Dogg to name but a few.
      Name Hip Hop Pantsula
      Location Jozi Dikereseng, Gauteng, South Africa
      Web http://www.myspace.com/hiphoppantsula
    11. @Prime_Circle
      Name Prime Circle
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.primecircle.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: Proudly South African rock band!

    12. @7thsonsa
      Name 7th Son
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://7thson.co.za
      Twitter Bio: South African Reggae Rockers.

    13. @JackParow
      Name Jack Parow
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.woelag.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: Jack Parow in jou moeder se huisie! Ek is die original donker dodgy afrikaans rapper… heavy uitgeskollie!

    14. @aKINGband
      Name aKING
      Location 34.087696,18.857141
      Web http://www.myspace.com/akingband
      Twitter Bio: We are a 4 piece Pop Rock band.

    15. @amaAmbush
      Name amaAmbush
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.marimbas.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: African music, marimba players

    16. @bushrock7
      Name Anton Goosen
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.antongoosen.co.za/

    17. @AshtrayElectric
      Ashtray Electric
      Web http://www.ashtrayelectric.co.za/

    18. @bensharpa
      Ben Sharpa
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.pioneerunit.com/
      Twitter Bio: in rehearsaal with K-the-I???, RZatz and DJ Raiko right now!! Sharpaganda in da house biiiiaatch!

      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.blackstoneradio.com/
      Twitter Bio: stoner rock camaraderie based in the good ol’ South of Afreaka…mouthful?

    20. @bobbyvjaarsveld
      Bobby van Jaarsveld
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.bobbyvanjaarsveld.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: (Suid) Afrikaanse Sanger

    21. @Captainstu
      Captain Stu
      Location Cape Town

      Web http://www.facebook.com/CaptainStuband
      Twitter Bio: A fun band from Cape Town, South Africa.

    22. @catstringtheory
      Cat String Theory
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.myspace.com/catstringtheory
      Twitter Bio: Audacious. Energetic. Night and Day. Classic. Bite. Contrary. Full of Electricity. Rock. You?

    23. @chrischameleon
      Chris Chameleon
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.chrischameleon.com/
      Twitter Bio: i make the entertainment.

    24. @Versy77
      Contro ‘Versy
      Location New York
      Web http://www.myspace.com/archlyricist
      Twitter Bio: MC, Activist, Author.Tv Presenter and journalist

    25. @crossingpoint
      Location Durban
      Web http://www.crossingpoint.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: a noisy South African hardcore band since 1998..

    26. @dannykmusic
      Danny K
      Web http://www.dannyk.com/
      Twitter Bio: My official Twitter account !!

    27. @DieHeuwels
      Die Heuwels Fantasties
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.Facebook.com/dieheuwels
      Twitter Bio: alt pop band, South Africa!

    28. @djeazy
      Name djeazy
      Location Cape Town
      Twitter Bio: 1st the Creator, 2nd life, 3rd hip hp

    29. @GoldFishLive
      Location Cape Town, Ibiza, everywhere
      Web http://www.goldfishlive.com/
      Twitter Bio: Electro-Jazz Duo

    30. @hiperdelic
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.pioneerunit.com/
      Twitter Bio: http://soundcloud.com/hipe http://www.myspace.com/hiperdelic

    31. @honeybwoof
      Location Cape Town
      Twitter Bio: i do it for the love of music. african dope records and publishing, my dog luka, living at the foot of table mountain with a view of the city.

      Name HOT WATER
      Location Cape Town
      Web http://www.hotwater.co.za/

    33. @jackhammersa
      Name jackhammersa
      Location Pretoria
      Web http://jackhammer.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: Rocking down the highway since 1984

    34. @juliafj
      Name Julia Fabrin
      Location Copenhagen
      Web http://fireflies.dk
      Twitter Bio: singer, songwriter (and student) i love music, vintage dresses, pinotage, rollercoasters, mixtapes, classic books, mint hubbly, adventuring 😉

    35. @karenzoid
      Name Karen Zoid
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.karenzoid.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: Let’s twit again

    36. @Karma
      Name Karma-Ann Swanepoel
      Location Los Angeles
      Web http://www.theofficialkarmasite.com/
      Twitter Bio: Hi. My NAME is Karma. I am a real person. Not the concept!

    37. @LetitiaLindeque
      Name Letitia Lindeque
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.letitialindeque.blogspot.com/
      Twitter Bio: I’m a singer, songwriter and musician from South Africa. I write contemporary pop, dance and soft rock music.

    38. @louisecarver
      Name Louise Carver
      Location Joburg
      Twitter Bio: musician

    39. @rubadubtopstyle
      Name Rub-A-Dub
      Location South Africa
      Web http://www.reverbnation.com/rubadub

    40. @Starrzan
      Name The X-Structure
      Location The Cape of Good Hope, Africa
      Web http://thexstructure.com/
      Twitter Bio: Starrzan is the wild and ridiculously good-looking frontman of the virtually awesome band The X-Structure. He is an adventurer, explorer, writer and a dreamer.

    41. @Terrormc
      Name Terrormc
      Location CAPE TOWN
      Web http://Www.myspace.com/Theterrormc

    42. @TheDirtySkirts
      Name The Dirty Skirts
      Web http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/The-Dirty-Skirts/6602185813?ref=ts
      Twitter Bio: The Dirty Skirts deliver a brilliant concoction of alternative pop, punk and rock – with a solid dose of electronica thrown in for good measure.

    43. @parlotones
      Name The Parlotones
      Location Here, There, Everywhere
      Web http://www.facebook.com/theparlotones
      Twitter Bio: South African Pop/Rock Band.

    44. @watermarkhigh
      Name The Watermark High
      Location Gauteng
      Web http://www.thewatermarkhigh.co.za/
      Twitter Bio The Watermark High is a band from Gauteng, South Africa. Post-Rock / Electronica / Indie / Ambient

    45. @TidalWavesTunes
      Name TidalWaves
      Location Johannesburg
      Web http://www.tidalwaves.co.za/
      Twitter Bio A swell and crash of roots rock reggae with a slow, seductive undertow and a spray of intense energy. They’re humble, hard working, and happy souls.

    46. @vancokekartel
      Name Van Coke Kartel
      Web http://www.vancokekartel.com/
      Twitter Bio Our 3rd album – Skop, Skiet & Donner is out now.

    47. @zebraandgiraffe
      Name Zebra & Giraffe
      Web http://www.zebraandgiraffe.co.za/
      Twitter Bio Album – The Inside

    48. @DJLOYD
      Name loyiso mdebuka
      Web http://www.djloyd.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: SDJ/TV&Radio Presenter/MC/Voice Over Artist and nonsense talker…

    49. @340ml
      Name Rui Soeiro
      Location Johannesburg | South Africa
      Web http://www.myspace.com/340ml
      Twitter Bio: South Africa based Afro-Dub band

    50. @zakiibrahim
      Name Zaki Ibrahim
      Location T.O./Cape Town/Vancity Canada
      Web http://www.myspace.com/zakiibrahim
      Twitter Bio: Soul / Hip Hop / Electroacoustic

    51. @ProVerbMusic
      Name Proverb Thekisho
      Location JoBurg, South Africa
      Web http://www.proverbmusic.com/
      Twitter Bio: Inspirational MC, SA Idols Host, Bread Winner, Husband, Father, Artist, TV Presenter, Radio DJ, Lecturer

    52. @JRSohot
      Name Jr Bogopa
      Location South Africa
      Twitter Bio: Your favourite Rappers’ favourite Rapper.

    53. @ZwaiBala
      Name Zwai Bala
      Web http://www.myspace.com/zwaibala
      Twitter Bio: keen learner, educator, husband, father, brother and friend. Love good people, Africa. Not as serious as many perceive.

    54. @loyisomusic
      Name Loyiso Bala
      Web http://www.loyisomusic.com/
      Twitter Bio: Singer /Urban /RnB /Pop / Songwiter/ Producer.

    55. @Lungelo
      Name Lungelo
      Location JHB, South Africa
      Web http://www.lungelo.co.za
      Twitter Bio: TS Records Artist| TV & Film Composer Music Producer Protools Mixing engineer Founder of soundBourne Inc

    56. @akaworldwide
      Name AKA
      Web http://www.myspace.com/akaworldwide
      Twitter Bio: Best there is, was, and ever will be.

    57. @big_ol_flabba
      Name Big_ol_flabba
      Location South Africa
      Twitter Bio: The ONLY rapper with a proper set o’ balls…nahmean!!!

    58. @RJBenjamin
      Name RJBenjamin
      Web http://wefollow.com/RJBenjamin
      Twitter Bio: Soul Singer from South Africa… with a sultry, sexy voice!

    59. @GhettoRuff
      Name GHETTO RUFF
      Location SOUTH AFRICA
      Web http://www.ghettoruff.co.za/
      Twitter Bio: http://ghettoruffint.blogspot.com/

    60. @KeziahFisher
      Name Keziah Fisher
      Location Cape Town, South Africa
      Web http://www.keziahfisher.com/
      Twitter Bio: South African Singer, Professional Architect BAS(Uct), BArch(SA), Business Woman, Director of 3 Construction Companies and Perfumista.


  1. @shugasmakx
    Name Lebogang Mothibe
    South Africa
    Twitter Bio: A Hip Hop Artist & Ent. Industry Player. Half Owner Of Buttabing Entertainment & Ventilation Productions. 1 Of The Originals, 1 Of The Best, Numba 1!!!

  2. @37mph
    Name Mpho Pholo
    Web http://www.myspace.com/37mph
    Twitter Bio: Music Producer/Pianist/Composer/Artist/Sit-Down Comedian

  3. @ArnoCarstens
    Arno Carstens
    Web http://www.arnocarstens.com/
    Twitter Bio: Solo Singer/songwriter’ and singer of Sringbok Nude Girls. New solo album ‘Wonderful Wild’ out now. Available on iTunes, Amazon, and in all good music stores!

  4. @DesmondandTutus
    Name Desmond & the Tutus
    Web http://desmondandthetutus.blogspot.com/
    Twitter Bio: 4 guys with glorious moustaches who play in a band.

  5. @Evolverband
    Name Evolver One
    Location Johannesburg, South Africa
    Web http://www.evolver.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: Rock Band.

  6. @versusthewolf
    Name Versus the Wolf
    Location Cape Town
    Web http://myspace.com/versusthewolf
    Twitter Bio: Versus the Wolf are a progressive rock band from Cape Town South Africa.

  7. @dearreadermusic
    Name Dear Reader
    Location Johannesburg
    Web http://www.dearreadermusic.com/
    Twitter Bio: Alternative / Folk / Pop

  8. @AbelKraamsaal
    Name Abel Kraamsaal/span>
    Location South Africa
    Twitter Bio: Afrikaans singer/songwriter

  9. @JohnnyCradle
    Name Johnny Cradle
    Location Johannesburg
    Web http://johnnycradle.com/
    Twitter Bio: South African, Band

  10. @KeenoLee
    Name Keeno Lee
    Location Cape Town
    Web http://www.stereotyperecords.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: Singer.Actor.Songwriter.Live 2 love,love 2 live.

  11. @ChadSaaiman
    Name Chad Saaiman
    Web http://www.stereotyperecords.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: Sama-Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Executive Producer:Stereotype Records

  12. @lloydjansenSTR
    Name lloyd jansen
    Location Cape Town, South Africa
    Web http://www.stereotyperecords.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: Performing and Recording Artist

  13. @civiltwilightst
    Name Civil Twilight ST
    Location Cape Town via the East Coast
    Web http://www.myspace.com/civiltwilightstreetteam
    Twitter Bio: CIVIL TWILIGHT OFFICIAL STREET TEAM. Dedicated to promoting @civil_twilight_ the best band to ever come out of South Africa!

  14. @loneraynger
    Name Ray
    Location Jozi
    Web http://facebook.com/loneraynger
    Twitter Bio: Soaking up life one day at a time, currently on a Canada tour doing voxbox sessions and telling the tale!

  15. @thesickleaves
    Name The Sick Leaves
    Location Pretoria, South Africa
    Web http://www.myspace.com/thesickleaves
    Twitter Bio: New album LAST DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY out NOW.

  16. @Straatligkindrs
    Name Straatligkinders
    Location Potchefstroom
    Web http://www.straatligkinders.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: we are a afrikaner-core band, and part time models.

  17. @dansdanslisa
    Name Dansdanslisa
    Location Potchefstroom
    Web http://dansdanslisa.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: we are trained boyfriends and we sing too!

  18. @jsomethingmusic
    Name J’Something
    Location ÜT: -26.218177,28.043856
    Twitter Bio: Singer/Songwriter/Studio Manager/Warm Brother/Soul Candi Radio Producer/Guitarist/Hustler

  19. @newhollandband
    Name New Holland
    Location Cape Town
    Web http://www.newhollandband.co.za/
    Twitter Bio: Über cool.

  20. @lottery_tickets
    Name The Lottery Tickets
    Location South Africa
    Web http://www.myspace.com/thelotterytickets
    Twitter Bio: In studio

  21. <@lottery_tickets
    Name The Lottery Tickets
    Location South Africa
    Web http://www.myspace.com/thelotterytickets
    Twitter Bio: In studio

  22. @lovehatecake
    Name Gravity Wins Again
    Location Cape Town, South Africa
    Web http://www.gravitywinsagain.com/
    Twitter Bio: We are a band. We have a new EP out. Twit twit.

  23. @RCBand
    Name RCBand
    Location RockChurch, (E)Peoria, IL
    Web http://rcpeoria.org/
    Twitter Bio: The band for RCpeoria.org.

  24. @KoldproduK
    Name KoldproduK
    Location South Africa
    Web http://www.myspace.com/koldprodukproject
    Twitter Bio: Africa’s Pop Sensation!

  25. @88KOS
    Name 88 Kilos of Sunshine
    Location South Africa
    Web http://www.88kos.com/
    Twitter Bio: Ex Sharkbrother – resurrected as 88 Kilos of Sunshine – new music liberated. #PursuingHappiness

  26. @ftgallows
    Name Facing the Gallows
    Location ozie, South Africa
    Web http://www.myspace.com/facingthegallows



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