Week’s top Twitter trends: Football, Twitter, memes and The Bieber

What The Trend, which bills itself as the “Front page of the real-time web” (the company has also trademarked the phrase), tries to make sense of what is trending on Twitter. Every week the company compiles a list of what is trending and why.

Last week, the world was buzzing about football and memes like “#ihaveafriend”, “#icandowithout” and “#ireallythink”. Of course, Twitter itself became news with the highly-publicised security flaw. The Bieber was also big news, not for his recent escapades around Cape Town, but for winning a Brazilian VMA for “Best International Video”.

The top ten, with commentary, below:

Rank Points Intensity Time Peak Change Category Topic Description
1 5329 2 4d 5h 1 Sports Football The young, talented, rebellious soccer player Neymar Jr. was punished by the coach of Santos FC, and the coach was fired as a result. Manchester United and Liverpool also had their share of tweets.
2 4971 2 2d 21h 1 Technology Twitter A Twitter security flaw affected thousands of users, as maliciously tweeted javascript could cause a person to execute commands just by mousing over a link on Twitter.com
3 4035 2 2d 20h 1 Sports NFL Football is in full swing, and Michael Vick returned to the NFL, starting in his first game since his dogfighting arrest.
4 3791 2 1d 8h 1 Meme RBD A fan of former pop group RBD recorded an unintentionally hilarious YouTube video, complaining about how a website had written RDB instead of RBD. Safadeza Oculta is an expression used in the video which means "naughtiness hidden" so users are sharing other forms of naughtiness which are hidden.
5 3266 2 1d 17h 1 NEW Meme #ihaveafriend People talking about the good & bad friends they have.
6 3108 1 1d 7h 1 NEW Meme #icandowithout People tweet things that they can do without.
7 3053 1 1d 11h 1 NEW Meme #ireallythink People are Tweeting a wide variety of things that they apparently really think about.
8 2981 1 1d 9h 1 Entertainment Brazilian VMAs Presented by Roberto Justus. The most discussed trend was how every time the Brazilian "happy rock" band Restart was awarded a category on the MTV Video Music Brazil awards, they were booed from the audience.
9 2881 1 1d 18h 1 Entertainment Justin Bieber Bieber won a Brazilian VMA for "Best International Video" and Brazilian fans showed their love.
10 2835 1 1d 9h 1 News Bishop Eddie Long Prominent church leader Eddie Long was accused of coercing two of his male members into having sex while they were teens.



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