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Cape Town iceberg: Liqui-fruit stakes a claim

Finally, one of the big corporates has stood up and staked its claim to the iceberg that was spotted off Clifton Beach on Monday morning. Speculation has been rife about who was responsible, and now fruit juice giant Liqui-fruit has digitally added pieces of fruit to the iceberg, then added some lines of text which read “The end of global cooling….the start of the Liqui-Fruit summer meltdown.”, giving the video a slicker, more commercial treatment and promoting the Summer Meltdown on its Facebook page.

But is it really their campaign, or is Liqui-Fruit being opportunistic and hopping on the bandwagon?

Check out Liqui-Fruit’s ad:

This adoption follows hot on the heels of yesterday’s hi-jacking where a Hunter’s cider bottle was seen poking out of the iceberg:

This is one of the strangest stories we’ve followed in a long time, and it’s not getting any clearer.

Was there even a real commercial prop out there? Eyewitness News reported that the NSRI’s Craig Lambinson confirmed “there‚Äôs no iceberg coming past Clifton at this moment but there is an alcohol advert being shot in the bay at Clifton.”

Gifted photo-shoppers insist that it was all digitally created and that there never was a real iceberg? Does that mean the NSRI in on the act?

We’re beginning to think that @bearthryllz knows more than he’s letting on about this mysterious meme.

Author | Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy Daniel
Jeremy Daniel is an online media specialist, as well as an author and musician. He runs Bassline Media & Content Marketing, writes songs as part of The Touch and is the author of My Forever Friend, published by Tafelberg NB. Jeremy was also an early editor of Memeburn.com. More


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  3. SheBee

    October 28, 2010 at 9:16 am

    I’m laying this down:

    Mark my words, I bet you it’s a Savanna campaign ad. They’re all about their cider being the end to global warming. It makes sense and checks all the boxes. R100 bucks if I’m wrong ;)

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  5. Kit

    November 2, 2010 at 9:02 am

    If that’s an amateur video, as I suppose it’s intended to appear to be, either they have the best EVARRRRRRR shake-reduction or a really cruddy tripod. No way can it zoom that far and not show the ‘videoman’s’ pulse…

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