How to hijack an iceberg

I love Cape Town’s mythical iceberg. And so it seems, do a lot of other people. After none of the “official, big-name” brands jumped in and claimed ownership of it, Cape Town’s creative community began to stir and the first iceberg-hijacking in history took place.

Take a look:

In case you missed the story, it revolves around a strange and intriguing iceberg which appeared off Cape Town’s Clifton beach on Monday morning and caused much excitement. The authorities revealeded that it was a prop for a beer commercial being shot in Cape Town, but details have remained sketchy.

The clip came to Memeburn’s attention after a tweet from @bearthryllz: “Iceberg spotted off Clifton beach, Cape Town: Im either scared or impressed.”, which was then re-tweeted by @bangersandnash which said “10 points to whomever guesses the brand behind this.”

Speculation flew around the web debating which brand was behind this 30″ clip, or if it was the work of a renegade film-maker/environmentalist looking to draw attention to global warming?

Eyewitness news reports that “the National Sea Rescue Institute’s Craig Lambinon said the prop was used in the filming of a commercial.

‘We can confirm that there’s no iceberg coming past Clifton at this moment but there is an alcohol advert being shot in the bay at Clifton,’ he explained.”

This was the first clip that appeared on YouTube:

Which was followed by this one a few hours later:



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