12 social media personality types to look out for

Billions of people use social media everyday, all over the world. Once you start using networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube often enough, you start to notice that people share similar (and often rather annoying) online media habits, and can be categorised into common personality types.

Which ones do you identify with?

1. The Newbie

These are people who are new to the network, and are largely confused about how everything works and what the right etiquette is. We’ve all been there, so be patient and give guidance, but if they haven’t got it after 6 months then ignore them because then they’re clueless and there’s really no hope.

2.The Status Seeker

Status seekers are largely concerned with acquiring the largest number of followers/friends and constantly compares their stats with others. They will tend to avoid deep conversation, and try to win followers with amusing or clever updates and comments. They have to be truly witty and smart to actually build a decent following.

3. The Name Dropper

Closely related to the Status Seekers, the name droppers will try to win popularity by constantly mentioning or commenting on the profiles of influential or important people. They are movers and shakers and know where the best parties are, who to call, and what to do. They won’t respond or follow you back until they are sure you have some value for them as a “friend”.

4. The Serial Linker

These people don’t do much except post hundreds of links to web pages which are largely interesting or relevant in their eyes only. Chances are they haven’t even read the posts they’re sharing, instead it’s all about how it looks in the eyes of their followers. Serial Linkers are über-sharers and can be found constantly retweeting or copying other users’ posts without contributing anything original.

5. The Unashamed Self-Promoter

These people are fantastic at what they do, and love to talk about it all the time. They use social media to constantly pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job of living life. A healthy dose of confidence is good, but shoving it in people’s faces is not.

6. The Bore

Snores have nothing better to do than make themselves feel important by updating the world on every minute of their daily life. So-and-so “is off to the shops”, or “having tea in bed”… Seriously, no one cares. Often their posts give way too much information (no one really wants to know when you’re off to the loo or your darling puppy has just puked on your carpet), and Bores often play the victim and demand attention or help in ways that are blatantly self-seeking and rude.

7. The Guru

The Guru is a social media icon – the person who knows the most about how the networks function and how to make them work for you. A god amongst geeks, this person will be followed by the purists and will set an example for them, giving advice which will be valued and put into practice.

8. The Obsessed Fan

These people use social media to follow every single movement by celebs and other famous individuals. They will constantly update their profiles with posts about their favourite celebrities, and interact with the official feeds to try to elicit a personal response from them. Watch out for posts like “Loving @kylieminogue brightening up my morning!” or “Can’t wait for Justin Bieber’s new album! OMG!!”

9. The Inspiration Seeker

Inspiration seekers are usually creative and/or intellectual types, and will use social media to watch and listen, but won’t often actually post or interact themselves. They follow people or become fans of pages they find interesting or inspirational, and use social networks primarily to gather information and ideas. They can sometimes be criticised for being lurkers who generally just browse a lot and are online spectators who don’t add much value.

10. The Hater

Haters use social media only to be negative and talk about how much they dislike other people’s opinions or ideas. They are haughty critics and try to be intellectual, but aren’t constructive and spend most of their day moaning and bringing the rest of us down with them. You’ll often catch them trolling the comments section on articles and blogs.

11. The Rebel

Rebels will spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to undermine organisations or people seeking commercial benefit. They are often prolific citizen journalists, social media purists and show leadership in new technology developments.

12. The Socialiser

Socialisers get what social media is all about and use the networks as they are meant to be used. They are focused on sustaining the relationships and connections they’ve made online (both personal and professional). Socialisers tend to be interactive and contribute meaningful content on a regular basis. They will openly post about their life while not becoming completely boring, and know when to hold back.

Catherine Murray


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