The 9 most engaging Facebook Pages

What do the game of poker, a dead pop icon, a woman who travels in a large egg, and a little boy with a large head and English accent have in common? They all top the Facebook Page leader board in terms of “Likes”. It takes less than a second to like a Page, but do you go back to read, comment, share and participate?

I took a look at the engagement and content scores of these Pages using and personally visited the Pages to see how the top Facebook pages engage with their users.

# Page Likes FanScore* EngagementScore* ContentScore*
1 Texas Hold’em Poker 36 892 568 9% 6% 20%
2 Facebook 34 348 950 6% 18% 17%
3 FarmVille 29 875 276 4% 8% 20%
4 Michael Jackson 29 070 644 6% 0% 8%
5 Lady Gaga 28 802 272 7% 30% 20%
6 Eminem 28 791 087 10% 35% 20%
7 YouTube 27 460 881 5% 9% 19%
8 Family Guy 25 973 085 6% 16% 14%
9 Rihanna 25 256 703 10% 35% 19%

*Stats taken from

1. Texas Hold’em Poker
Zynga, the popular social gaming company, has an estimated worth of US$7-billion. Its most popular game, Texas Hold ‘em Poker, has 36 892 568 Likes and counting. So why the low engagement score of only 6%? A look at their wall shows that posts receive between 1 000 – 5 000 Likes, but have around 200 – 500 comments which usually consist of spam, link promotion, and trolls.

The wall posts are frequent and engaging though and this is why they have a content score of 20%. They interact with their fans by offering bonuses, updates on poker events, random free chip giveaways and mini contests – people like free stuff.

2. Facebook
Facebook’s very own Page currently has 34 348 950 Likes and an engagement score of 18%. They usually post only one or two updates a day, these posts sometimes reach up to 22 000 Likes and one of their recent posts received 14 227 comments. Wall posts are a mix of news about rolling out yet another change, fixes for bugs, and Facebook related stories. Comments are the usual mix of trolls, spammers, lonely people looking for friends, and a high number of complaints about Facebook in general.

3. Farmville
Yes, people are still playing this game; just take a look at your game requests to see if you received another gift for the farm you abandoned years ago but secretly visit. Zynga’s Farmville, just like Texas Hold’em Poker, gives users frequent updates, giveaways, new features and themed items. Although the Page has a lower engagement score, the content score is 20%.

4. Michael Jackson
With 29 070 644 Likes, the Michael Jackson Facebook Page has low scores for engagement and content – purely due to the lack of frequent wall posts. At the time of writing this article, the last wall post was on 22 January.

5. Lady Gaga
For those who haven’t suffered from Gaga-fatigue, this page has 28 802 272 Likes and has an enormous amount of fan loyalty. Lady Gaga’s Facebook Page gets a 30% engagement score. The posts are frequent, personal and sometimes touching. Lady Gaga appears to be updating the page herself and her interaction with fans is amazing. One of her recent status updates reached over 34 000 Likes and over 4 000 comments.

6. Eminem
I couldn’t believe the amount of user engagement on this page! Eminem’s Facebook Page has 28 791 087 Likes, a look at the wall shows that posts receive up to 135 223 Likes and 13 431 comments — far more than the top 5 Pages. Wall posts range from latest YouTube music videos to short status updates about what Eminem is up to. The posts are obviously not coming from the artist himself but his fans don’t seem to care, comments on the wall posts actually include real praise from fans. Eminem’s Facebook Page scores the highest on engagement and content.

7. YouTube
With 27 460 881 Likes, the YouTube Facebook Page scores quite low for engagement, but has a good content score of 19%. Wall posts are generally entertaining and boost page views for their videos. I like that the posts don’t seem automated and that they are informal, with questions like: “What do y’all think of the new Radiohead video”?

8. Family Guy
Compared to Texas Hold’em Poker which has over 36-million members but scores only 6% for engagement, the Family Guy Facebook page has a good balance between overall Likes (25 973 085) in relation to engagement with a score of 16%.

9. Rihanna
At the bottom of the top 9 biggest Pages with 25 256 703 Likes, Rihanna’s Facebook Page beats everyone at the top for engagement and content points and ties with Eminem for the highest engagement score of 35%. RiRi’s fan following (also known as Rihanna Navy) is strong, loyal and active online. Wall posts don’t have the personal touch that I saw on Lady Gaga’s Page, and are usually about 1 post per day, but comments are generally of a positive nature and full of praise for the singer.

So which Facebook Page comes out tops? If I had to choose on points alone, I would pick Eminem’s Page as it scores the highest for engagement and content in relation to the amount of Likes. But personally I would pick Lady Gaga’s Facebook Page for her dedication to fans and that personal, passionate touch she gives her posts. She knows how to reward her fans with direct communication and she really understands her audience and the attention they crave from her.

So it’s not really all about the numbers, how you engage with your Facebook audience means so much more. You might be like Texas Hold’em Poker and reach over 36 million users, or you could be like Lady Gaga and create such a strong fan following online that the majority of your fans are actively participating on your Page every day, all day.



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