Google introduces ‘Gmail Motion’

Earlier today, those ubiquitous folk at Google unveiled a beta version of their new revolutionary software, Gmail Motion Beta which allows you to manage your email with motion sensing.

Gmail Motion cleverly uses your computer’s webcam along with a spacial tracking algorithm to detect physical gestures and turns it into actionable commands by reacting accordingly. Using Gmail Motion Beta, you can now open a new message in your Gmail account with a simple ‘opening an envelope’ motion with your hand. Pointing backward with your thumb initiates a reply. Use two thumbs to reply to all. To send a message, use the very easy, yet peculiar, gesture of licking a stamp and place it down on your knee.

“Gmail motion will free the regular user,” says Lorraine Klayman, Environmental Movement Specialist at the Nevada Polytechnic College, “Our bodies did not evolve to sit in a rigid position all day”. Given that motion sensing has been the buzz around the digital community this year with Microsoft’s Kinect being ‘hacked’ by developers to provide some jaw-dropping applications, Google’s foray into this sphere comes highly anticipated with the intention to revolutionise the way we access our Gmail.

You can read more about the game-changing Gmail Motion software here.

By now, if you haven’t quite it guessed it yet, the Gmail Motion app is of course, an April Fools’ Day prank and Gmail Motion Beta does not exist.

Still, given that Google went out of its way in creating this rather hilarious video featuring a paralanguage expert and a movement specialist, it’s definitely worth taking a look at:



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