‘Royal Wedding’ goes viral on YouTube

There’s no need to worry or rejoice, depending on your perspective on the Royal Wedding, the big day is still to come. But you would be forgiven for thinking that you had missed it, seeing as the first royal wedding of the social media era, has already gone viral on YouTube.

With an array of royal look-a-likes, European and American mobile phone service provider, T-Mobile has yet-again had another hit in it’s long-time YouTube viral-video series, “Life Is For Sharing.”

Created by the London office of global advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, the first in T-Mobile’s ‘Life Is For Sharing’ series was the now classic 2009 ‘flash-mob’ dance in Liverpool Station which now has near on 28-million views on the original YouTube upload alone.

Proving how adept they were in playing the viral video game, Saatchi and Saatchi were able to create two more smash hit YouTube videos for T-Mobile.

The follow-up to the ‘Dance’ video was the Beatles sing-along in Trafalgar Square featuring the pop-star, Pink. More commonly referred to as the ‘Sing’ video which since it’s creation – also in 2009 – has gained over 4-million views.

The third hit in the series was 2010’s “Welcome Back,” video show in Heathrow’s Terminal five in London which has over 8million hits.

All these spots rely on the element of surprise from unsuspecting members of the public, and this latest video is no different. The ‘congregation’ is made up of regular members of the public, including T-Mobile customers, staff and Facebook fans, who were told nothing of what to expect when they arrived at the venue. As such their reactions, just as in all the other videos are entirely genuine. And as Paul Siburn, Saatchi and Saatchi Creative Director put it in a backstage video of the production, T-Mobile was celebrating the marriage of William & Kate, in “it’s own way,” and the video was based on “the phenomenon of wedding entrance dances.”

As a T-mobile executive said, “T Mobile believes life is for sharing and hopefully what we’ve got here is another piece of content people will be able to enjoy and be able to share with their friends and family online,”. With over 5-million views since its launch on Friday, that has clearly happened.



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