Free Angry Birds for Google Chrome

Free Angry Birds for Google Chrome. I repeat, Free Angry Birds for Google Chrome.

Why are you still reading this? Head on over to the Web Store and install Angry Birds to commence with some serious pig popping action right inside Chrome.

Rovio made a surprise appearance at the second keynote event of Google I/O today, and unveiled Angry Birds for the world’s biggest platform – the web – via Google Chrome. Thanks to Google Chrome’s latest GPU enhancements, Angry Birds with exclusive Chrome-inspired levels is available for immediate enjoyment via Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Designed using Web GL with an option to utilise Canvas if Web GL is not supported, Angry Birds can also take advantage of hardware acceleration, to deliver an “HD” version of the game. The cherry on top is the game’s ability to utilise the Web Store’s caching functionality, allowing you to play the complete game offline.

As fickle as it may sound, with Angry Birds available as a Google Chrome app, suddenly Chrome OS makes a lot more sense, showcasing the possibilities of what’s possible. With hardware vendors such as Samsung and Acer getting behind the new “Chromebooks”, with local file handlers and file system, and offline support for Docs, GMail and Calendar, I for one, am pretty excited.

For more information on Google’s new “Chromebooks” have a look at the video below.



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