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iPhone 5 – now launching 2012?

Recent rumours suggesting that Apple’s iPhone 5 will appear in October, have been usurped by a new set suggesting that the phone will now appear in 2012.

Sources report that the iPhone 5 will appear early next year with a slightly revamped design.

This rumoured late appearance of the much-anticipated mobile technology is in direct contrast to Sprint, AT&T and Verizon’s, supposed fall launch of the iPhone 5.

Industry analyst Scott Sutherland believes that the launch of the new phone will only take place next year. He has also said that the iPhone 5 will be heavily tied into a cloud infrastructure, which will most likely be hosted in California and North Carolina.

Sutherland continues by saying that Apple will take the fight into Google’s domain, as cloud functionality has now become an important weapon in the iPhone’s future:

“Based upon our checks and public comments by Verizon and others, we are in the camp that expects only an incremental iPhone upgrade (iPhone 4S) this September, which includes a dual-core processor and improved imaging. We expect the iPhone 5 to arrive by next January, which will include 4G and can work on both Verizon and AT&T’s networks, thus allowing CDMA and GSM based subscribers equal access to the new iPhone.”

Analysts also predict that the upcoming iPhone 4S will be integrally tied into Apple’s cloud services. The 4S is aimed at the cost-conscious market, with Apple eyeing the emerging sectors as potential customers for their device.

Expected products from the Apple stable are now the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, the iPad 3 and the budget-priced iPhone 4G. With Android handsets now outselling iPhones, Apple will need to make a concentrated effort in order to beat Google at its own game.

Image: Bizarro.com

Author | Steven Norris

Steven Norris
Steven Norris is a born writer, living in Claremont, Cape Town and educated in the ways of graphic design but destined to follow in the footsteps of the worlds greatest authors. He has had many years of experience as an SEO copywriter, learning the ropes the hard way before... More
  • Pi gumon

    So… what’s the deal with iBooks not working anymore?  Is that permanent?  That’s kind of huge.  

    Is there a good enough replacement for iBooks? epubs and pdfs?

  • Shadow666walker

    Rejailbreak it

  • Blueviksy

     use redsnow click on extra click on just boot. first make sure that u r already in DFU mode

  • Plenty of replacements to use, once its Jailbroken…

  • Yes. Expect a short wait though.

  • @Bluevisky, you spot on there.

  • Restore your phone and start again. Not much else you can do when baseband is lost. I could be wrong though. New hacks are released on a minute-by-minute basis.

  • People, this here is nonsense virus spam. The links embedded on this site kick up virus warnings. Avoid Xpois0n at all costs. 

  • Pigumon

    Figured as much. When I saw this, I checked around the webbies and no mention of it. I’m sending all my hate karma directly at him, I hope you’ll all join me. :P

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