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This week I take a look at, a cleverly designed app version of an awesome idea that puts a really innovative spin on streaming radio and music sharing.

Let me start off by saying that I am an absolute music addict. I spend the majority of my waking hours (and a lot of those I spend sleeping) with earphones firmly in place listening to an extensive and highly varied music collection that has taken years to accumulate and that I value more than anything I own. Occasionally though, after listening to everything so much, I grow tired of something and leave it alone for a while before coming back to it and wondering why I’d stopped listening to it in the first place. This creates the need for finding something fresh and exciting, but as I mentioned in my review of Discovr, this has become incredibly difficult to do these days, just because there is so much to sift through and choose from.

Tonight I found for iPhone. Based on the newest innovation for music on the Internet since iTunes,’s app is basically an iPhone version of its web product; which is an invite only, one of a kind, virtual DJ site that allows users to join different rooms and hear music being played by upto 5 DJs.




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