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All posts by Danny Greeff

Danny Greeff
Having dabbled in graphic design, mobile and online media, Danny is now the client services director at Hitch Digital, a new full-service digital agency based in Cape Town. An absolute Internet and gadget junkie, Danny enjoys normal things too; like good music, Tabasco sauce, high CTR’s and effective minimalist user interfaces.
  • 5 big tech predictions for 2014

    In terms of tech innovation, 2013 was a pretty strong year. Sony showed us what it had up its sleeves with its newest console, Apple teased us with biometric recognition built into the iPhone 5S and the age of cryptocurrencies finally made its way onto the mainstream with unrivaled coverage throughout the year. So here we are now, a few days into the brand new year that is 2014. What will this new year bring for us? Here are my five predictions: Read more on Gearburn.

  • 6 (almost) wireless solutions for your home theater PC

    If your home theatre setup was a human body, the cables would surely be the veins. Silent and without question, constantly working to transport electricity, content, signal and broadband between the various vital organs of your custom and complex entertainment ecosystem. Cords of varying thickness, colour and type, all collected and connected, to make sure everything works as it should. The only problem with equating a home theatre system to a human body is that with the body, the veins are for the most part out of sight and not going to trip you or start a small fire...

  • Uber review: just about the best damn taxi service ever

    Traveling from South Africa to first world countries always opens my eyes to the vast chasm that exists between the way things are and how they should be. This is not an entirely negative sentiment mind you; I always find that basic things like food and accommodation are a lot more affordable here (and in most countries considered to be third world), as is entertainment and alcohol, which is a very good thing for all of us, first world residents included. One thing that always strikes me though is the public transport systems and infrastructure abroad versus home. Read more...

  • 10 apps that look amazing in iOS 7

    The recent release of Apple’s freshly overhauled iOS 7 has been a breath of fresh air to most users who felt like the company had lost what made it special. To me, it feels like I’m using a completely new phone and my faith has been restored in the rigid ecosystem that is Apple. But aside from the big update to the OS, Apple fans everywhere were frothing for compulsory updates from our favourite developers who, in an effort to stay on top of their respective fields had to, for lack of a better phrase, adapt or die. Here...

  • Zombies, Run! review: the fitness app featuring the threat of the undead

    Regular readers of my articles will know that I am a little obsessed with running, so much so that I have tried and reviewed nearly every decent running app on the App Store. After a while I figured out that I'd gone through all of them and after the App Deathmatch between Nike+ and Runkeeper, I decided to give it a rest on the fitness front and focus on other areas of the App Store, like games and productivity. Nike+ moved onto my app dock and I used it religiously for the next few months. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Limbo for iOS review: shadow play

    Ever since I devoured Superbrothers: Swords & Sorcery on iOS, I've been on the look out for games that not only feel amazing on mobile devices in terms of playability, but also stick with me long after my phone has returned to my pocket. I'll be honest and say that before I stumbled onto Badland by Frogmind, nothing really stuck with me and the games folders on both my iOS devices were empty for a long time. After finishing Badland, I was hungry, I needed more of that addictive gameplay, and so I searched. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 3 top remote control options for XBMC

    Let me start off by saying that since I discovered XBMC, my life has changed. I spend nearly every free minute I have reading up on new plugins that have launched and watching video tutorials on how to hack it to do almost anything I want it to. I also find that I spend more time thinking about how to further streamline my budding home HPTC setup. You know, from things like wireless HDMI systems to minimize the clutter around my TV, to building custom housings for any new external storage units that I might buy in the next...

  • SnappyCam Pro review: a faster, better camera for iOS

    About three months ago, after years of waiting for the right time in our lives, my wife and I became the proud 'parents' of two Jack Russell puppies. Born on the same day and from a litter of three, Lily and Skipper are the most adorable little animals that I've ever seen, and this is immediately apparent if you look through camera roll on my iPhone.  Right now, out of the measly 16 gigs available to me on the device, just under 10 consists of pictures and videos of the little critters. If you've ever had the wonderful experience of...

  • Day One for iOS review: a simple, digital journal for life

    My desk at the office is filled with notebooks of varying sizes, Post-its and scratch pads, all filled from top to bottom with notes and scribbled messages that I thought at some point needed remembering. Everything from calculations that I can't do in my head (read: most calculations) to things I need to buy on my way home. Most of these, often illegible, ramblings have some sort of purpose and do end up being filed in other relevant notebooks, drawers or text files on my hard drive. It is in this manner that I handle the duties and responsibilities...

  • Turn an iPad into a games console with Joypad iOS app

    As much as I love the current state of technology and the manner in which it has affected video gaming, part of me still longs for simplicity. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or just the fact that I hardly have time to really get involved with console games anymore. All I'm looking for is a quick fix of entertainment that the cartridge-based consoles used to provide. No being connected to the internet, saved games or bandwidth heavy updates to download, just good ol’ plug-n-play entertainment. Read more on Gearburn.

  • From HDMI to HTPC: how to setup a home media center

    I'm getting old. Not in the sense that I battle with my hearing or that I have to start wearing glasses though. No, I'm talking about that point in your life when you'd much rather stay in and smash an entire season of Mad Men on a Friday night than go out and spend your monthly salary on tequila. Sure, tequila still features now and again in my life but not as much as Don Draper and the team from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Feedly review: Google Reader’s best replacement

    When Google announced that it would be shutting down its very own RSS reader, I was outraged and immediately started looking for reasons why it would commit such an atrocity, to me, in this day and age. Some in the know were saying that it was shutdown in an effort to make sure Google didn't screw it up while trying to update it. Others around the web said that there weren't enough consumers using the service to warrant its ongoing maintenance.\ Read more on Gearburn.

  • 3 completely useless smartphone features

    In terms of innovation in the mobile phone industry, the last 15 years have been very good to us. We've gone from pull-out aerials, horrible displays and sliding keypad covers to video calling, touch screens and high-definition displays. Mobile phones have become lighter, faster and way more than just something you call your mom from. Phones are now must-have tools for business and social environments alike, and have ushered in the age of digital convergence for our generation. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 8 reasons why iOS 7 is the freshest fruit from Apple yet

    Of all the announcements made at this year's WWDC, the launch of the hotly anticipated and much-needed refresh of iOS was definitely the most important part of the event. It's no joke that Apple's mobile operating system was in dire need of an upgrade, especially with all the Android fan boys constantly boasting about how superior their systems were when Apple folk complained about the various shortcomings and lackluster performance of current versions. So while we wait for the autumn release date, let's check out at eight of the new features we can look forward to. Read more on Gearburn....

  • 9 reasons why NFC will simplify your life

    By now we've all heard of NFC. What is NFC you say? Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and other devices that allows the establishment of radio communication between devices simply by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. It’s an important technology and there’s nine reasons why I am excited about the widespread adoption of NFC. Wireless File Transfer between devices This is probably the simplest form of NFC on the market right now, simply tap two devices together to share photos, contacts, music and whatever else you want. Much...