SnappyCam Pro review: a faster, better camera for iOS

Man with camera

Man with camera

About three months ago, after years of waiting for the right time in our lives, my wife and I became the proud ‘parents’ of two Jack Russell puppies. Born on the same day and from a litter of three, Lily and Skipper are the most adorable little animals that I’ve ever seen, and this is immediately apparent if you look through camera roll on my iPhone.  Right now, out of the measly 16 gigs available to me on the device, just under 10 consists of pictures and videos of the little critters.

If you’ve ever had the wonderful experience of owning one of these tiny tan and white terriers, you’ll know that once they’ve reached an age where they’re comfortable enough to run on their short legs, their energy levels shoot through the roof and they rarely sit still. It is because of this fact that the pictures in my camera roll go from perfectly timed shots with great composition and lighting, to blurry shots of my once thriving garden, peppered with smudges of brown and white as they ignore my training commands to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘look at the camera dammit!’.

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